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A Dream called JungleWorks- Empowering the On Demand World

By Madhura Yale 11th July 2018

People have asked us why did we start our company, but nobody liked the response they heard. It’s simple. We started it so that we don’t have to work for one. We built a place where ideas actually saw the light of the day. To create a world with no barriers to stop us, no hurdles to slow us down, no management mazes to get lost in, and where no ideas were left unheard. We started a company to give rise to this world; to unlock the potential of great minds and everything around it.

In 2007, we started Clicklabs as a service based company with a dream to make a mark in the world of on-demand economy. Next Juggernaut continued to grow exponentially, We did not stop. We were never satisfied, we moved beyond the service domain by offering an innovative Saas product “Tookan”. A delivery management software that helps streamline the delivery ecosystem for any business.

As we expanded our vision and built more exciting products that catered to the on-demand economy, we felt that it was the right time to move towards an umbrella brand. We couldn’t be more excited to announce that we have a complete technology suite for the on-demand business that caters to enterprises and Entrepreneurs. A dream called JungleWorks.

Multi-Product Dream

We always envisioned offering a complete tech suite for the on-demand world. We knew that we had to take the first step towards the vision and building Tookan was the right thing at that point in time.

We focussed completely on Tookan, executed each phase relentlessly, and managed to get to the 10000 customers mark. Around the same time, we started working on a new product in stealth mode, hoping that we could soon materialize our vision.

Creating an Opportunity

Over the next few years, we continued to portray good promise with Tookan. Our revenues grew steadily and we added tens of thousands of customers across the world. Towards the end of 2014, we had a new product in mind; we’d create Yelo, a platform for building marketplaces.

The thought here was that we could stay in control of our narrative without doing something drastically different from our tech stack offering. We would still be a company that supported the on-demand economy, with Tookan aimed at delivery and field force management and Yelo meant for feasible storefronts for businesses. It was a natural extension because we saw that a lot of customers were extending Tookan for customer orders as well.

When encountered with the question of what to build next, the answer was pretty obvious. Most of Yelo customers were integrating their marketplace with an external customer support. The customers regularly requested integration with different solutions in the market. Having already tried a popular internal chat system for our own team, we realized that integrating such systems with other tools was a nightmare.

We decided to step out of the comfort zone and build our own Chat support, Hippo. It was an experiment worth undertaking because it created an opportunity for us to demonstrate that we could build, launch and scale the second product in parallel, in a reasonable amount of time. Despite being unconventional, and not something you see in typical SaaS companies, our customers and other stakeholders were onboard with the idea. Alongside our work on Tookan, Yelo and growing our customer base, we put together a separate team to work on Hippo, Kato- BI Dashboard and analytics tool, Flightmaproute optimization and continued work on complete suite offering for the on-demand world.

The Rebranding Dilemma

When we officially launched Yelo in June 2016, we started receiving great feedback from customers and we knew that we were on the right track. We saw a lot of adoptions from both existing customers and new ones, and we were confident that we would be able to grow even faster with a complete tech suite for the on-demand economy.

At this point, we realized that we had gotten much bigger than when we started out with Tookan and we were much more than a company that made just a delivery management software. While we were happy to find more success, it became clear that our distributed product branding was starting to confuse customers.

Idea Behind JungleWorks

After a lot of deliberation, we decided to create a new Umbrella brand called JungleWorks and have each of our products named under this banner.

  1. Our established brand, Tookan had a strong association with delivery management and it would be challenging to extend the brand name across multiple segments.
  2. With an unassociated brand JungleWorks, we could associate our suite of products together using the word “works”, and create a strong identity for each of them in their respective domains.

What’s Next For JungleWorks?

Having completed the most important part of our rebranding, we are exuberant to move on with our vision and make things happen. In spite of being busy, the last six years, getting here, this exercise makes us feel like it’s “a new start all over again”.

We are taking an important step towards expanding our horizon and changing the way we do things as a company. We are not in this just to change the way the on-demand economy works; we are in it to empower enterprises and entrepreneurs.

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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