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8 Reasons Why You Must Consider Building Your Own Online Consulting Platform

By Zeba Yasmeen 28th January 2022

Are you thinking about becoming independent and starting your own business during the lockdown? However, many people would be feeling clueless about where to make a beginning. One of the better options available to you is the online consultation business. It is pretty simple to start this business, and it doesn’t matter what niche you select for your business venture. There are an endless number of benefits offered by this kind of business over the conventional offline business. With the pandemic still not entirely under control, many people have started using unconventional ways of online consulting platform.

online consulting platform

Reasons for building your online consultation platform

There are many key advantages of having an online consulting platform even for major brands to have an impact. Let’s consider the top 8 reasons why you should think about an online video consultation platform.

1. Lower setting up cost:

The front-end setting up cost involved in an offline consultation business is massive. It begins with space setup, location, marketing costs, human resources, etc. All these costs add up to a huge expenditure even before you have begun your organization. The branded online consultation platform setup on the other hand needs little expense. This is true even if you are considering developing social media presence and marketing. There are several online companies available with tried and trusted online consultation bases. They can be used for developing a dream online business platform at reasonable rates.

2. No time or geographical boundaries:

One of the important setbacks for any good business plan is the lack of time or proper location. The use of online consultation platforms can curb this issue. All the things you are working on and scheduling occur on the internet. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the geographical location for driving in the better clientele. You do not need to spend a fixed number of hours every day for this purpose. A branded online consultation platform will help you in managing the advance appointments as well.

3. Provides a global outreach:

The online consultation platform gives you global access within a short space of time. This is not possible for any other kind of consultation service you provide offline. Unless your brand is well established, there are several human resources and financial requirements involved in setting up various branches of your offline business across different states.

4. You can get top-quality customization for your requirements:

When you possess a strong foundation for your online business platform, you may customize according to the market requirements and your preferences. All brands have a unique approach. For developing and maintaining your alternatives for customizations, some of the professionals provide a strong foundation in terms of online consultation platforms and apps.

5. It can drive business 3 times quicker:

There is a reason behind several brands deciding to go digital. All you are going to require on social media is a few strategic advertisements. This together with content curation for the online audience, and you can pretty much expect to flourish in a short period. It is a great opportunity to drive a large number of prospective clients if it is planned well.

6. Opportunity to work according to your convenience:

When you are using software such as Panther you get to offer remote consultations that offer great advantages especially to medical patients. They are spared the inconvenience of travel and there are lesser costs involved. These remote consultations by using software such as Panther from Jungleworks have been established to provide positive benefits. These consultations by using technology are good alternatives for the complex challenges involved in delivering healthcare to the elderly. You can work according to your convenience as well.

7. Gives credibility:

Have you wondered why it is such a big event to make yourself visible when you are setting up a business offline especially in the initial phases? One of the main reasons for this problem is a lack of credibility, and it also leads to a lack of trust. On the other hand, your online presence is your biggest credibility driving factor. This is because your friends and followers and their interaction with the content contribute towards it. If you can lay your hands on some testimonials from some of your favorite customers it will be great. Try to make them visible on your online consultation platform. It adds to the company’s online credibility within a space of a few minutes.

8. Overall a budget-friendly alternative:

Online consultation business is an overall budget-friendly alternative and there is lesser risk involved in losing out financially. Another major advantage of using this consultation platform is that both the concerned parties viz. consulting clients and mentors can have the sessions from anywhere in the world.


Therefore, it doesn’t matter how tough the economic crisis is at the moment, the online consulting platform is unlikely to fail you. It is so because the demand for this line of business is always on the higher side. You are just a step away from developing a branded online consulting platform even today to bring a change in your line of business. If you are looking for help from professionals in the development of apps or for developing e-learning apps, you can find several solutions online for this purpose. If you are looking to set up an on-demand consultation platform, Panther is a great place to start. You can develop a virtual consulting platform for connecting experts and customers remotely.

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