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8 Business Ideas to Platform your Passion into a High-Earning Business Model

By Tannu Sharma 2nd July 2020

Although the traditional method of setting up a business has its benefits, living in a digital age has made having an online business the more profitable option. A popular and growing trend in the online business sector is ‘renting over buying.’ It’s cheaper and more convenient. 

A rental marketplace is a platform where goods and services can be rented out by individuals or companies. The perfect example of this is Airbnb. Since the massive growth of this company, other rental platforms have grown and will grow immensely in the years to come. If you find the need for a product or service, you can set up a rental business almost instantly. 

We’ve come up with 8 business ideas to transform your passion into a business.

1. Create a property rental marketplace 

Whether it’s for travel, work, or housing, you can create a property rental marketplace online for customers. Property is something that is always in demand and setting up a property rental software can be a great way to kickstart your own business.

2.   Establish a real estate marketplace 

Real estate is another industry that is booming, be it for commercial or personal purposes. Set up a real estate marketplace software to help customers find and short-list spaces at ease. 

3. The ultimate globe-trotter

Although travel is an extremely competitive sector, finding a niche can help put your business on top of the game. 

4. Provide the best audio and visual experience  

From house parties to large-scale events, organisers are always aiming to provide the best experience. Audio and visual equipment is usually rented and a good area to tap into. 

5. Stay home, stay fit 

Some people prefer going to a gym or studio whereas others prefer following an online fitness video or using fitness gear at home. Create a platform to target the latter. 

6. Fashion will never go out of fashion

Spending huge amounts of money on clothes or accessories for just one occasion can seem daunting. Instead, create a rental marketplace for fashion where customers can rent outfits for weddings, festivals, or other occasions. 

7. A hub for nature-lovers

The kind of fast-paced lives that we live calls for frequent weekend getaways and mini-vacations. Having an online rental marketplace for any kind of camping gear at an affordable rate will attract happy campers from all over. 

8. Set up the perfect home instantly 

The current and future generation is less likely to spend their whole lives in one place. Renting furniture or other household equipment works out much cheaper than buying and selling it every time you relocate.  

Aside from this, you can also set up a peer to peer marketplace platform and interact with other sellers. Creating a peer to peer marketplace software ensures that the best resources can be exchanged by various sellers and buyers for optimum usage, while you take a commission from every transaction. 

These are just a few ideas but hopefully, it will spark your imagination to start your own business. And don’t worry, there are various platforms that can help you establish an online rental marketplace like sharetribe or Tiger.

Tiger for instance, is an online rental marketplace where you can sell or rent just about anything. It also comes with all the tools you need to run an online rental business. There are tools for internal chat, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and customer relationship management. Tools like Bulbul, Keto, and Hippo will help your business function effectively with end-to-end solutions. 

Our current services include furniture, books, car parking, gaming equipment, coaching classes, and so much more. Tap into an existing industry, create a niche, or simply turn your passion into a profitable business using Tiger.

Check out the detailed list of all the services provided by Tiger and set up a rental marketplace today! 

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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