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Raids sprayed on cannabis delivery business

By Savita Dhawan 13th March 2018

Have you ordered something online and wished it could get delivered immediately or you could track your package online? Well, to this on-demand services are the new in. With the advent of on-demand delivery services companies are increasingly empowering local businesses to reach local customers, even the fast-growing cannabis industries are not left untouched. With cannabis delivery service consumers can receive their package in as little time as possible. Prefilled vaporizer pens, edibles, topicals, flower, and concentrates are some of the products that can be ordered and delivered to the consumer’s place conveniently. There are numerous states that are running legal cannabis online delivery services, these states include California, Arizona, Minnesota, New York etc.

Some of the leading  legal cannabis delivery  services running in these states are:

  1. Goddess Deliveries
  2. Harvest Bloom
  3. Ganjarunner
  4. Blue Bird Deliveries
  5. World Wide Weed
  6. Air Budz etc
  7. Milf Weeds
  8. Earth’s Healing Delivery
  9. Speed Weed

Over the past few years, the demand for these services has tremendously increased. For patients who have switched to cannabis to relieve their illness, the idea of traveling to a dispensary may not be very relevant for them, therefore they find it easy to order online and receive it within few hours of ordering. These services have also reduced the need of visiting storefronts and the amount of money on hand by offering the online payments so consumers can get their product safely and easily.

The States that run this delivery services have legalized medical marijuana use. With the legalization, there have been several positive effects like the decrease in crime rates, raised tax revenue, improved public health etc. Regardless of being legalized, federal raids are much common at the state and local level, specifically where cannabis laws are conflictive. Establishment of a medical dispensary in particular state doesn’t mean it abides by all the local laws and follows a licensing policy. Predominantly, cannabis is still banned at the federal level so there’s always a conflict of laws at central and state level.

These raids have not only affected the customers, especially the patients who are not able to access their medications but also the delivery businesses have a much larger impact. It may seem like cannabis is legal in some places, federal banking laws still prohibit financial institutions from offering most financial services to legal cannabis company which has set the business in losses. The government is banning these delivery services and the entrepreneurs have seized opportunities in this ill-defined cannabis business sector.

With the unreliability of cannabis legal status at a federal level, business operators are sure to be aware of the possibility of raids. It must be obvious for the business owners to know their rights and understand how the raid works in order to take appropriate measures. Some of the preventive measures that can be followed are:

  1. The business operators must maintain a proper license and complete all the necessary requirements for official city licensing.
  2. The sales of illegal drugs for recreational purposes must be seized.
  3. Payment of taxes must be done on time.
  4. Building a healthy relationship with the state authorities.
  5. Giving training to employees to handle the situation in case the authorities come knocking.
  6. Businesses must make a proper website listing all the cannabis products along with the health benefits and side effects.
  7. A proper security system for the place of business must be made. It is also important to have a security system on the computer to protect the clients’ private information.
  8. It is compulsory to maintain a well-managed workplace and stay up-to-date on all paperwork.

Thus, abiding by these measures a  cannabis business operator can cope up with the federal raids to some extent.


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