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6 ways a Team Chat App can boost your business

By Rashim Sethi 11th March 2019

I am sure every one of you must have heard or read about Team Chat Apps like Slack, Flock, Google Hangouts etcetera. Have you ever thought of how these business chat apps boost the business? Let us discuss how this workplace chat software adds value to a business. Here we go:-

1) Foster Collaboration

With a Team Chat App, you can keep all communications in one place. “Work Chat Apps” enables you to share documents, host voice and video conference calling, screen sharing and much more. In addition to these, Work chat apps have a great search feature which makes sure that you never have to go through the bunch of emails or other apps for any useful information.

2) Saves valuable time

Just think when you have a separate Chat App for office and separate for personal use won’t your work efficiency be improved? Any message on the “Team Chat App” will create a sense of urgency and hence you will respond at a much faster rate.

3) Improves the Organization as a whole

If a Business has its separate “Chat Software” it’s obvious that all the conversions are business driven. Employees will only and only discuss work and nothing else. Hence it will make them more focussed, more organized and more true to their work. Due to a separate work chat app, there will be zero distraction but full concentration.

4) Important Information is Safeguarded

You know you have important information. You know its very critical for your business then why to share it on the third party messaging platform? Don’t you think it’s unsafe to discuss a company’s future plan on other platforms? Your data can be stolen, your information can be leaked and what not can happen.

5) Increases Transparency

Chatting in “Work Chat Apps” nowadays is no less than formal meetings. These chat apps are even more reliable than formal meetings because everything you say gets stored in the database. The whole of the workflow is now transparent. Everyone knows what the other member is doing. With added transparency, this instant Text communication has become so powerful that there is no loophole for miscommunication.

6) Time and Place Flexibility

“Team Chat Apps” enables you to work whenever and from wherever required. You stay virtually connected to your team. Because of these work chat apps, the meetings are now much easier to conduct. The physical presence of a person is not required and you can address a much bigger number of people at a time.

I am hoping that you are convinced that Work Chat Apps nowadays do play an important role in the Team Collaboration. So why not to give Fugu a try?! It’s an all-purpose Team Chat Software that includes real-time messaging, task management and automation in one single app.

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