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6 Reasons You Should Not Ignore IoT In Delivery Management

By Nammitta Dutta 19th March 2019

Today the Internet of Things is the buzzword and most talked about topic. Tech geeks are going gaga with this revolutionizing technology, as they are clearly visualizing the impact and extent to which things can be simplified even in day to day operations. Out of all the industries trying to adopt the benefits of IoT, Delivery Management is seen having the clear and immediate perks of the technology.

The Growing Role Of IoT In Delivery Industry

With ever-growing customer demands for speedy and personalized service, it’s no wonder the Internet of Things growing rapidly especially in the delivery and logistics industry. Ultimately the IoT will enable greater accuracy and troubleshooting throughout the fully automated processes which will decrease a company’s required work hours significantly. With IoT being widely accepted more and more devices are created with sensors that can be monitored, thereby opening up countless possibilities. IoT and Machine-to-Machine communication are transforming customer expectations around the delivery industry, forcing providers to rethink how they do business simple, better and cost-effective.

Advantages Of IoT Adoption

  • Run  efficient operations with optimized maintenance and logistics
  • Better comply with environmental and safety regulations
  • Improved fuel efficiency through optimized routes and vehicle maintenance
  • Monitor driver performance for the better safety
  • Maintain vehicle health and increase vehicle valuation through preventative maintenance at the right time
  • Streamline operations, improve scheduling, improve invoicing accuracy, improve time management and minimize paperwork
  • Increase your business visibility through analytical reports and efficient vehicle tracking
IoT in delivery processes
IoT Improving Delivery Processes

With these technologies beginning to play an evident role in the delivery industry, it is interesting to witness how the industry ecosystem evolves and the impact it is creating on the operations and the system

Impact Of IoT On Delivery Industry

Automating Delivery Driver Flows

IoT in delivery management allows delivery drivers to automate various processes and trip planning by automating the alerts and notifications. Keep a continuous check on the delivery driver and its processes without any extra effort.

For example, Recieve automated alerts from driver turning on the ignition till completing the delivery or if a vehicle breaks down in between of the task then the system can send automatic ticket notification to tow vehicles and nearest service stations. In the case of weather warnings, automatic notifications can be sent to the delivery drivers to help them in rerouting etc.

Beyond Traditional Tracking

IoT involvement in the delivery industry has made delivery operations even transparent. It provides the admin with the power to drive intelligent and accurate decision making. The ability to track and receive updates about the freight has made management easier for the managers. It provides you with an anti-theft solution through cloud-based real-time tracking.

Fleet Tracking

With real-time tracking through IoT solutions, fleet managers can become aware of drivers location, vehicle idle time between the routes, traffic conditions, mileage or any unexpected problems on the way.

“Many logistics companies are using RFID today and are reaching nearly 100 percent shipping and receiving accuracy, 94.5 percent inventory accuracy, 33 percent faster order processing and 30 percent reduction in labor costs.”

Eco-Friendly Operations

In research which stated that idling vehicles consume more than 1 billion gallons of diesel while emitting over 10 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air. Driving over the speed limit and excessive idling time doesn’t just waste money by way of extra fuel costs and unnecessary wear and tear but they can also be harmful to the environment. By using IoT technology to track driver behaviors, it becomes easy to detect such instances through automated alerts, allowing managers to take the necessary actions to minimize these behaviors.

Preventive Maintenance

In addition to gaining better insight into driver behavior, connectivity to all vehicles also lets you send automated signals and early warning alerts when the monitored parts need maintenance or are close to failure. Along with these alerts, service needs like check engine, low battery or coolant temperature can help in providing preventive maintenance – all such factors help vehicles run safely for a longer duration.

Preventive Maintenance In Delivery Management

Gain Greater Visibility

Is your fleet making unnecessary stops on their routes? Are they driving rash along the way? Are your drivers wasting fuel by leaving the engine running? All of these things used to be impossible to determine with legacy fleet management providers and technology. Today IoT devices monitor things beyond the traditional tracking of physical location. Now it is possible to keep an eye on your driver’s braking habit or how often do they drift out of their lane. Driver’s behavior is often tracked with the help of different IoT sensors.

Gain Insights

With the help of various sensors, delivery companies have access to vast amount of data which they can analyze to gain actionable insights into the adherence to laws by the drivers, vehicle speeding and idling, and driving patterns. This information can help the delivery companies make real-time quick decisions for instant improvements. In fact, these insights can also help in efficiently managing the overall supply chain.

Wrap Up

The delivery industry is seeing a lot of change with the evolving IoT and will increasingly improve the future. The benefits of IoT in the delivery industry is undeniable and as more devices are connected and further optimizations are realized, the numbers will grow. The urgency of IoT adoption varies from one vertical to another but the cost of service delivery and the need for greater visibility are universal concerns. With advancement in IoT, we can now witness the improving operational visibility and better last-mile execution.

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