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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Field Service Management to Leverage Success

By Madhura Yale 6th September 2018

Field Service Management is taking the business world by storm. It’s no wonder that recent statistics predict by 2020 the Field Service Management market will be valued at 3.5 Billion. This will have skyrocketed by 75% from 2010 when the industry first started. One big challenge that made business owners lose sleep was how to manually, and seamlessly manage the service team, available fleet, appointments, customer requests, and dispatch,  which often would not be 100% perfect and would lead to delays, miscommunication, and customer delivery incompetence.

The main core of a business is to improve customers experience and over deliver. However, what is a business that falls short of all this due to poor Field Service Management? Its future is usually bleak and will fall out soon than later.

Thanks to cloud-based Field Service Management that had been on the forefront to help businesses meet their customer needs and increase in profit while they, leaders, put little effort in managing and can work at the comfort of their phones.

This article discusses why you need Field Service Management to leverage success in your business;

Seamless Connectivity

With Field Service Management, there’s seamless connectivity between business owners, staff and customers. The leaders are instantly updated in case there’s a problem with the carriage. In case there a request by a customer, and if there’s a delay in delivering products to the staff at the office, this portal can alert the customer of a delay or the customer themselves can check on the app and calculate how long it will take before the product reaches by using GPS. Similarly, the drivers are alerted of the nearest route to reach their intended destination which saves fuel consumption thus saving the company of extra expenses.

Increased  Productivity

Leading agents who work remotely can be difficult to predict how effective they are with the work assigned. With Field Service Management software, you can determine how productive and efficient your team delivers. This is because, at the app, the agents can easily check what items need to be delivered so as to prevent dispatching wrong items to the wrong individual. Also, the leader can give appointment to the customers and honor them as per their schedule without feeling worked out.

Reduction Customer Complaints

Customer complaints are inevitable in the field of service delivery, especially, if the tracking is done manually. In order for your business to leverage its success, FSM  enables you to automate tasks to your agents in order to reduce customer complaints. Using the app, you can assign new tasks to agents who are free to take on new tasks even when you’re not on your dashboard. This reduces time delays.

Cloud-based Data Storage

With the recent leap in technological advancement, FSM couldn’t have been possible to allow a seamless flow of work in a cloud-based portal. In the former years it was a drudgery of work but recently the work is becoming more simpler. Phones are designed to operate highly technical software’s that would otherwise not have been possible and huge data can be accessed in the cloud portal. Thus everyone in the organization gets hold of information and can provide help when necessary to the fraught customers.

Without having to ask a dozen people because the information is readily available.

Reduces Costs and Increases Profit

The integration of Artificial Intelligence, IoT and cloud-based portal reduces the purchase of hardware and much labor. This saves money for a business. The ability of the app to predict the shortest distance to reach a customer destination, and the right products to be dispatched plus the right person who has the right talent to perform a certain task with expertise, reduces the cost of production while delivering quality services to the customer. This increases profit to the organization.

Field Service Management is essential if you want to leverage your business success. Its ability to increase customer retention due to stellar service provided, increase profit due to low production cost and its ability to incorporate IoT, Artificial Intelligence and cloud-based portal for effective productivity is what you need to take your business to the next level. At JungleWorks we got you covered by our effective services that will double your brand sales and Management by just a click.

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