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5 Compelling Reasons Why Remote Jobs are the New Trend of 2020

By Tannu Sharma 12th March 2020

Remote Work is the future of work”- Alexis Ohanian, Reddit

The changing perspective of companies over the concept of remote work has introduced a new chapter in the history of the corporate world. Gone are the days, when empowerment was subjected to a handful of people in an organization. In the constantly evolving nature of business spheres, the definition of success revolves around every employee connected to the organization.

Successful leaders had already recognized the conceptual benefits of remote working. Walking on the progressive footsteps, these entrepreneurs have started making a big profit to their business operations by introducing the remote working concept in their work methodology.  

Researchers from Standford claimed that there is a visible reduction of 50% in employee attrition with the introduction of remote working jobs. Benefits stretching from getting less leave requests to experiencing more productive performance of the employees, the remote jobs are a win-win situation for both the employees and the employers. 

Are you a business owner who is still not confident with this concept? Here are a few of the hand-picked benefits that you must know before moving ahead with a decision. 

Productivity at its peak

What is the most aspiring thing you look for, in your employees? Is it the better performance that matters or their physical presence in your office? We guess the former is an appreciated trait, you might want your every employee to own. Statistical data shows that there is a sudden rise of 13% productivity level in an employee when he is given the flexibility to work from anyplace. Isn’t it a surprising factor that might interfere positively with your upcoming business goals? Higher the productivity quotient of your employees, higher will be chances to drive a good revenue sales for your business. 

Minimize the operational expenses

The PnL of your business is related to some of the business decisions that can make you save a big chunk. If you ask any of the business owners about the heavy expenses in running a business, they would definitely enlighten the fact about the giant rents dedicated to hiring an office space. A few years back, this might sound like an unavoidable expense that could never be compromised. But, with the changing trends, there is a room to avoid and minimize these heavy expenses to the maximum. Wondering how? Let the employees of yours work for you from their own place! How would it help? It will allow you to lessen the need to own a big space for your office operations and will make it easy for you to save a big over your electricity and other mandatory bills too!

Hire the best resources globally

You are just a step away from getting in touch with the global talent with your decision of offering remote jobs. Yes, you heard it right! Starting from allowing you to pick the best-fitted resource and to make sure that the demographic boundaries do not let you compromise with the candidate, remote jobs have covered all for you!  This concept might have seemed outlandish a few years back but nowadays, remote jobs are the current trend of owning a successful entrepreneurship. If you are confident about the resource you have hired, there is no looking back. 

Better employee retention

Talk about the biggest headache of a business owner and he will respond with the trouble of losing the potential employes. As mentioned before, remote jobs allows a business to retain its employees 50% greater. This means you are on a way to build your own empire in the corporate world with an army of loyal employees. The higher employee retention rate also signifies the better connectivity of your employees as a single team. You might have heard that many businesses are on the verge of losing their faithful and high potential employees because of one or the other reason. But, with the concept of remote jobs, you can retain many of them. 

More autonomous resources at your side

As soon as you give your employees a flexible workplace, they will start performing outstandingly. If you ask a working parent, what is the one thing that stops from getting involved in work like earlier? They would respond to the fact that they need to focus on their younger ones. And this is an unavoidable fact. 

This might hamper their creativity and work efficiency too. And at times, you might face the downside of this. So, how is it possible to combat this crisis? The answer is simple! Offer them the freedom to work from their place and see the difference in their performance. They will be more relaxed and focused. This will diligently make your business experience the consistency of good performance. 

Fugu: Your conversational space with your employees!

Every time you offer a remote job to your employee, you might think about the trouble of getting in touch with him. This trouble might multiply when the coordination is needed between a team. To avoid such downsides, one can own a chat support system such as Fugu. It will allow your teammates to stay connected via a smart chat system. Not only the important information, but one can share the files, images and much more with it. 

If you are already working with the concept of remote jobs or are planning to add it to your work culture, get your employees introduced to Fugu at the earliest. For more information about how it can help your business to grow via healthy communication, get in touch with us. 

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