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4 Simple Steps to Create Your Online Hyperlocal Store From Your Mobile

By Avinash Raj 24th January 2020

Technology has opened the doors for many of the aspiring business owners to establish their empire in the market, without investing big. Gone are the days, when your customers were trying to locate and reach you via your shop or physical store. 

With a smartphone in every hand, the trends of the customers to avail your services has taken a 360-degree turn. Now, if a business owner wishes to pitch its favourable segment of audiences, he has to switch his traditional business ways to the latest ones. 

If you are a business owner, no matter to which scale of industry you belong to or which sector of services you plan to serve, you need to be approachable and accessible to your customers, in a way they want you to be. This is why the need to shift your existing or upcoming business to an online hyperlocal store is real.  Depending upon the current market demands, it is vital for your business existence to reach out to online stores as soon as possible.

To your surprise, introducing your business to an online hyperlocal store is not as tough as you have ever thought of!  You can get your online hyperlocal store for your business in a simple 2 minutes. Curious to know how? Go through the 4 simple steps that explain how you can create your own hyperlocal store without any external help. 

Build Hyperlocal store

Guide to Build Your Online Hyperlocal Store Via Your Mobile

As soon as you download the “Yelo App” from your mobile’s app store, you will have to follow simple steps that can help you to set- up your desirable online hyperlocal store. 

Enter The Credentials

To begin with, you will be asked to enter the credentials to get started. You need to enter your mobile number for registration and then, have to verify it via the OTP. This OTP verification would help to authenticate your authorization to your online marketplace. 

Pick Your Business Category

Depending upon the area of services you provide, you can select the best suitable business category that describes your business services promptly. It would help the potential audiences to approach you at the earliest. So, pick the category wisely!

Enter Your Business Name

To make your presence outstanding from the crowd, it is required to let your customers remember and locate you via your business name. This is how you can keep your presence upright in the competition. The very next step that you have to follow is to enter your business name, which can help your customers to find you.

Choose the Billing Structure

Last but not the least, you need to pick up a billing structure for the services. This is necessary to ensure that you get all the desired services from the online store. To allow you to pick your favourite billing plan, you will get flexible options to go with. 

That’s it! By following these simple steps, you are as good as to go online and start earning big! For instant app download, Click the link here to get started. 

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