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3 Things Local Retailers Must do to Remain Competitive During the Holiday Season

By Madhura Yale 11th November 2018

It’s the season to focus on holiday sales as the season is fast approaching. Most importantly, retailers now need to rethink and redefine the relationship between their stores and their customers.  The entire shopping experience has moved to customer’s laptops, bedrooms, and phones. This shift has therefore created great opportunities for retailers to streamline and manage delivery operations.

  1. It gives the local retailers an opportunity to create new experiences with which they can cater to a broader customer base – making the most of the reach and speed.
  2. It provides local retailers with complete visibility and control over their product delivery experience.

This enables local retailers to orchestrate their entire product delivery experience with a customer-centric approach. The entire operation, therefore, has to be geared towards providing shoppers with customized delivery experiences.

Automate Dispatch & Delivery

Fast and seamless delivery experiences are crucial to customer delight. Besides that, local retailers who want to remain competitive must immediately step up and invest the time and money required to optimize and manage delivery operations.  

Retailers need to simplify their complex delivery matrix because it is important to optimize the use of all possible delivery channels. It largely depends on their customers’ location, the required level of service, price and other factors. Using the right technology platform has, therefore, become imperative for the business to manage delivery operations.

Real-time Tracking & Route Optimization

Visibility has become mandatory as retailers move towards a supply chain which is fully transparent and trackable in real-time. It will help retailers become more efficient by knowing the real-time status of each order, driver, and customer. Moreover, drivers can easily navigate to multiple destinations and ensure on-time deliveries.

It will also empower customers since they can constantly track the status of their purchase, and have the ability to directly interact with their driver or retailer if need be.

Data-driven business decisions

There is priceless data collected at various customer touch points, such as the feedback on the delivery and driver ratings.  Most importantly, it will help retailers become better partners to their customers and suppliers. Retailers need to comprehend data to understand their customers. From the millions of data points, it is important to extract the knowledge. This data becomes important to determine business strategies and to support decision-making processes.

Amazon and the alike have put mounting pressure on retailers of all segments and sizes to provide seamless customer service—especially in the area of delivery. Hence, fast and customized delivery experiences are crucial in providing customer satisfaction. Retailers who want to remain competitive have to embrace technology.

Look no further if you need a technology support for managing your deliveries seamlessly. Tookan is a delivery management software and a one-stop solution to all your last mile delivery challenges.


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