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3 Strategies Helping ‘Bounce’ The On-Demand Bike App Pacing Up Its Growth

By Nammitta Dutta 26th March 2019

We all are well aware of the fact that the two-wheelers are one of the easiest ways of transportation services, which is also responsible for reducing traffic congestion. In the past few years, the exceptional success of a number of ride-sharing companies like Uber, Lyft, and Lime is ruling the “sharing economy”. Long story short, the on-demand bike has become an important part of how people commute or move around the cities now and in the future.

Bounce – The Revolutionary Dockless Bike Sharing Platform

Bounce one of the popular dockless bike sharing startups based in Bangalore is urban mobility solution making daily commute stress-free, time-saving, reliable, and convenient. With their unique service of pick and drop anywhere users can pick up their rides from anywhere and drop when done with the ride. Bounce is focused on providing the seamless first mile and last mile connectivity.

Bounce is going really strong in the funding game and business expansion, with total funding of around $22M and 2000 keyless vehicles it is all set to redefine the dockless-bike sharing experience.

‘Metro Bikes’ now formally known as ‘Bounce’ raised series A funding of $12.2M in August 2018 and almost 50 crores in series B led by Sequoia Capital India Advisors and Accel Partners. Other than these huge investments Bounce has raised an investment of $3M Venture Debt from InnoVen Capital.

Top 3 Strategies Of Bounce, On-Demand Bike App That Has Paced Up Its Growth

Convenient Choice Of Transportation

One of the strategies behind the success of on-demand bike app is to provide the highest rate of convenience and easy transportation services. The market is flooded with various dockless bike sharing platforms but ‘Bounce’ has become the fastest growing by providing the features like the nearby bike, automated invoice generation, and online payment modes to help you go cashless.

Bounce is highly convenient with its unique facility of keyless vehicles, It allows the commuter to pick up by just scanning the QR code on the vehicle nearest to their location and drop anywhere after completing the ride. Riders can easily commute from one place to another safely.

Offer an Inexpensive Option To Commute

Cost and quality of service are the major factors contributing to the success of every business. Bounce aims in resolving the problems of consumers whether it is about to lessen hassles in transportation or simply cut out the expenses of commuting, which is generally one of the major concerns in people’s lives.

With Bounce it is not only easy to commute by being easily available anywhere but cost-effective too. It offers an extremely inexpensive plan to its riders which include the cost of fuel. So far it has been successful in providing a higher level of services at a cheaper cost. When it comes to on-demand bike app, you can also add an option of accountability by allowing app users to share their feedback after using each ride. It helps you to improve your service as a service provider.

 Don’t Miss Easy-To-Use On-Demand Bike App

On-demand bikes have become part of a revolution in transportation. It allows users to roam around easily, cost-effective and avoiding traffic congestion. If you are thinking of starting up an on-demand bike app, don’t forget to consider these features.

  1. Find nearby bike
  2. Schedule a ride in advance
  3. Visual calendar
  4. Scan the QR code to unlock the bike
  5. Real-time tracking
  6. Payment Integration
  7. Online support

To Sum Up,

If your startup is providing solutions locally then you can grow globally. The idea is to implement highly effective strategies providing a solution which can work for your business and targeted audience’s needs.

If you are thinking to start an on-demand bike company and having queries about the cost of complete app-based solution for your business model, Tookan is your one-step solution answering all your queries and doubts. Tookan provides the complete technology suite with features and functionalities like GPS tracking, cross-platform compatibility, payment gateway integration, multi-lingual support, scan QR code, and online support. Tookan is an early adopter of on-demand app development and has developed apps for renowned names in the on-demand world.

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