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10 Ways Tookan Can Convert Your Restaurant Into A Food Delivery Machine

By Team Tookan 28th April 2016

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If you are a restaurant owner, you know for a fact that adding doorstep delivery gives you an access to a new set of customer orders that can grant you that competitive edge over your competitors. Given the proliferation of virtual cloud restaurants, customers are getting spoilt for choice. Use of right toolsets to manage delivery operations can very well be the difference between profit and loss.

Restaurants that can leverage local deliveries to drive top line growth profitably will be the winners moving forward.

Tookan has been built with the objective of making your food delivery management business fully automated. Here are 10 good reasons of why you should choose Tookan to convert your restaurant business into a food delivery machine-

1. Real-Time Tracking of Food by End Customers – “Uber Syndrome” is no longer an aberration. Customers don’t want to keep guessing on the exact status of the food delivery. Granted – delays happen. Informing the customer that it will take x more minutes once he calls you back after the promised time frame won’t win you any brownie points.With Tookan, all customers gets a tracking link via an SMS that allows them to track the food order in real time. They can view the location of the delivery person, and also get to know his/her arrival time. In addition, customers are sent notifications such as order confirmation, order departure, payment details at different stages via SMS and email.

Real-Time Tracking-customer-link

2. Managing Orders From Multiple Sources – As a restaurant owner you might be getting orders from some or all of these sources. Tookan ensures that you can use the platform as a centralized order management platform.

  • Your websiteTookan can directly integrate with your frontend customer facing website. Orders placed there directly show themselves on the Tookan dashboard.
  • Your direct line or emailsRestaurant managers can create new delivery tasks for any orders coming in via phone calls or emails.
  • Restaurant aggregation platformsRise of restaurant aggregation platforms have made them a viable platform for customers to discover your food. An open API structure and integrations with many food ordering platforms like Eat24, Grubhub, Seamless, Delivery.com, JustEat, FoodPanda, etc. implies that orders coming from your restaurant listing are directly converted to a food delivery task in your Tookan dashboard. You no longer need to ask your manager to manage and keep track of orders on multiple dashboards.

In addition, if you are already using an order aggregation platform like GloriaFoods, ChowNow, etc. Tookan can integrate with these and continue to function as your delivery management platform.

3. App for your drivers – Delivery workforce is the key component/stakeholder in the entire process. Ability to assign tasks directly on the move, track the workforce in real time are some of the aspects made possible by smartphones becoming ubiquitous.

Tookan’s iOS and Android apps are designed to enable you to assign deliveries to your field workforce directly from the dashboard, while sharing all the essential information with them for an uninterrupted delivery process. Through the app, your delivery guys can gain access to the information they need for successful deliveries. Some specific features that are enabled by mobile apps for the customers:

  • Add notes, get signatures or upload images as part of the workflow.
  • List Views, Map Views and Calendar Views for deliveries
  • Ability to call or message the customers directly from the app


4. Route Optimization – Unit economics associated with deliveries is an important factor to optimize while managing/providing doorstep orders. Lower the food delivery costs more the orders and higher the ability to use doorstep delivery to your competitive advantage. But we have taken such issues into consideration, and while designing Tookan we wanted to ensure that route optimization feature gives the ability to optimize delivery rounds for your customers. Tookan’s routing algorithm automatically modifies your daily routes to save you time, fuel and vehicle costs, while maximizing delivery count per driver per day.


5. Customer Relationship Management – It is difficult for you to know how every food delivery goes, and whether your customers feel satisfied with your service or not. 360 degree review on service/delivery quality from your customers is made accessible on the dashboard so that you can identify and resolve systemic problems. In addition, the generic information of every customer is safely stored and easily accessed through your dashboard. Convert and upsell your customers, so that they come back to order, time and again from you. In particular, Tookan helps you to –

  • Measure level of customer satisfaction
  • Improve the product or service by analyzing and taking action on systemic problems basis the reviews of your customers
  • Identify customer advocates for your offerings.

6. Automate Payment Collection – Payment flows are an important aspect in any end to end business transaction. Typically this happens on the customer side interface – be it your mobile app, your website, your accounts on the restaurant aggregation platforms, etc. We help you cover the cash on delivery options by either integrating the delivery side app with digital card collection hardware like Square or enabling the actual cash on delivery possibility by passing the information to the backend.

7. Analyze The Data – The collected and gathered data is of no use if you don’t extract meaningful business insights from it. So in order to deliver quality delivery service, it is essential to access data-driven insights from your customers and the field operations. Tookan assists you to get a clear picture of  giving you access to insights into delivery tasks and activities happening on a service day.

  • Delivery level metrics – gives you information on successful task completion ratio and task level delay data.
  • Delivery agent level metrics – helps you in comparing the performance of your workforce.
  • History of every delivery – time, location and delivery related data to enable easy audit

8. Auto Assignment of Orders – Increased customers’ responsiveness in terms of order requests can only be achieved by processing their requests in minimum time frame. Tookan’s ‘Auto-Assign’ feature is an ideal option for handling these customer requests, as it recognizes the best person for the delivery task and assigns the task. Tookan picks the most suited field worker for the job based on parameters such as Distance, Batch, Availability, Direction, Best Performing Driver, among others. This terminates the need to assign and call out to multiple team members manually.


9. Manage Multiple Restaurants – As restaurant manager relying on Tookan, you get access to your dashboard from anywhere and any mobile device, including desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc. This makes your life easier, as there is no need to be inside your restaurants to manage the activity. You can keep an eye on everything, wherever you are. You’re managing several businesses? With a single Tookan account, manage your entire delivery fleet and all your restaurants, from only one dashboard by creating different dispatch and delivery teams that correspond to different restaurants.


10.Deliver Multiple Orders in One Go – As a restaurant manager a real time map based view of pending orders and your delivery team can help optimize and assign multiple orders coming within a given time frame and a geographic radius to a same delivery person. In addition, this helps you assign manual delivery orders a lot more efficiently.

The fact that Tookan is available off the shelf for 10 cents a delivery ensures that you can start using it right away without breaking your back. We believe that we have an interesting value proposition to present that can start giving you immediate ROI without any investments. Get in touch with our support team if you are not yet convinced on how Tookan can help you optimize your delivery workforce.

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