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10 Reasons Why You Should Develop a Traffic Lawyer Consultation Platform

By Zeba Yasmeen 12th August 2021

One question that is asked a lot when it comes to designing/developing a traffic lawyer consultation platform is; “How would having a website benefit my firm/practice?” 

Well, the answer to that is, whether you’re a well-established traffic lawyer consultant or if you’re starting as a freelancer, a traffic lawyer consultation platform could be an invaluable resource to expand your business. Although law firms traditionally provide face-to-face services, there are multiple ways to switch to a digital platform that could bring you new customers and increase brand awareness.

So why do traffic lawyers need their own website?

Here are the reasons you should consider having your own traffic lawyer consultation platform which will help you to reach out to your potential customers.

1) Make it easier for clients to find your firm

Traffic Lawyer Consultation

Even when people already know your firm through someone personal or some advertisement, they’re aware of your brand. They probably look you up online before calling you. This may come as a surprise to some, but it happens 99% of the time.

This is pretty obvious; people usually don’t have time to memorize a telephone number or website address. Instead, if it’s important enough and they’re interested, they’ll remember the name and ‘Google it’. And if you want your business to turn up in that search result, you will be needing an online traffic lawyer consultation platform of your own.

2) Reach to a larger audience

Many times clients, business partners and others will visit your website just to grab some basic information. This could be an email address, phone number, address or directions to your office. Having a platform for your traffic lawyer consultation that you simply own and control, can update or refresh basic information. This is quite important for your practice. Many times traffic crime consultation needs multiple rounds of meetings just for simple things as people are not aware of the facts related to traffic and their rules and get easily caught in legal terms.

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3) Build trust & credibility with your traffic lawyer consultation platform

Trust is one of the largest elements that one aspires for when finding legal help. Whether it is related to traffic or any other background. Though the commercial internet is merely a couple of decades old, it’s evolved fast. Therefore, the way we use it in our daily lives has, too. 

The presence of a traffic lawyer consultation platform established legitimacy at a really fundamental level. According to the National Statistical Office, more than 50% of consumers visit a law firm’s website to take action.

In the case that your firm doesn’t have an internet site, you’re likely leaving tons of cash on the table. However, having a traffic lawyer consultation platform is merely the start of how you’ll establish credibility and trust with prospective clients. Having a well-designed, modern platform with crisp, professional photos and documents and legal help as simple as possible is important.

4) Helps you engage with your potential legal clients

By having your own traffic lawyer consultation platform, you can inform, educate & qualify potential clients. Furthermore, your audience can check in for a periodic newsletter. This gives you the chance to send them even more exciting content and to remain in-tuned. It will keep your company at the highest of their mind if they, at some point, need legal assistance.

5) Generate more leads and value everyday, around the clock

Traffic Lawyer Consultation

For many law firms, over 73% of all clients reach out between 2 PM and midnight. And if it is after business hours, when no one is around to answer the phones, what can be done? You can’t afford to lose clients just because no one was there to answer the call. 

You can’t be within the office all the time to answer every client query, but with your own traffic lawyer consultation website, you don’t have to be. Your website will be your 24/7 salesperson that generates value and leads, even after business hours.

Even if no one is there to attend, your clients can reach out to you via a form submission or email. And you can attend them even to those where your timelines do not match. On these busy days, everyone wants a reliable time slot where they are comfortable and shouldn’t be rushing into it.

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6) A website educates clients and prospects

Websites are a perfect place to collect resources and supply information to your audience. And in the case of traffic lawyer consultancy, people really need an abundance of knowledge, as many are not familiar with the legal terms and processes for the same. 

Sharing knowledge with your audience may be a great business model since it shows that you simply are an expert in your field, and you recognize what you’re talking about.

7) Build brand awareness

When it comes to building awareness, of your traffic lawyer consultancy firm, your website will play a major role in building a brand. Your firm probably focuses more on some services than others, and having a traffic lawyer consultation platform is a perfect place to determine your company’s expertise within the industry. 

Having your brand prominently displayed when people search for a traffic lawyer consultancy platform creates impressions and touchpoints with your audience. A clear and well-displayed website leaves a lasting impression on your visitors.

Traffic Lawyer Consultation

8) Explain what you do (and don’t) practice

Whether you’re a full-service practice or specialise in one too many areas of practice, your traffic lawyer consultation platform can convey that to prospects. This can be critical for people, whether or not they have heard of your firm or are searching online for a traffic lawyer. When they land on your site, they ought to be ready to quickly identify whether you’re a lawyer or firm which will help them with their problem or not. This can increase the chances of getting an email or call from potential clients you’re looking to draw in.

9)  It allows you to save all your resources in one place

Another benefit of having a traffic lawyer consultation platform is that it saves resources. Having your own traffic lawyer consultation website is analogous to having a front desk. There, you’ll answer common questions like ‘What services does one specialize in?’, ‘Where is your office located?’ and ‘Which cases have you worked on?’ basic FAQs that people find difficult to get answers to and might need some basic consultations too.

Having a traffic lawyer consultation platform with all this information means you don’t need to affect these questions on a day to day basis.

10) It can get you more clients

In conclusion, more clients are a good thing for every business. If we sum up all 9 points listed above, it states that an expertly designed website with a great layout and smooth user flow would do all of the above for your traffic lawyer consultation platform

Want to learn more about how you can start your own traffic lawyer consultation platform?

By now with the 10 points above, you are aware of great reasons why you should go for an online traffic lawyer consultation platform. If you are thinking of getting an in-depth knowledge of how you can build your own platform, Panther is your go-to-introduction marketplace that can be your asset for life with zero codings required. 

We believe that your skills need a platform even when the world is at a standstill mode. Contact us to know more. 

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