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In a Zombie Apocalypse will technology be the savior?

By apoorva 6th September 2016

Neo-Nashville, 2067

Every damn night, the story is the same. Every damn night, I tuck her into that ramshackle thing we call the bed, and every damn night, I hear a thousand, tired, weary sighs.

Neo-Nashville is a massive underground bunker, in case you were wondering. We have pockets of civilization on the surface, but those are purely military. Sentry outposts and the kind, to protect the entrances. So far, the contamination hasn’t reached the population here, in the Green Hills  pocket – but that’s just a pithy excuse for security. Every day, over two-thousand are purged by the sentinels on the suspicion of possible contamination. I can lie easy tonight, but what if it’s me tomorrow? The very thought of turning into those mindless creatures, aberrations of nature makes me want to vomit and cry at the same time. Give me a clean death, at the end of a bullet or the edge of a sword – don’t make me a puppet of their mindless ranks. That’s my prayer to God anyway.

In case you did not quite figure it out – We are fighting for our lives. Mankind is fighting for their lives. The Zombie Apocalypse is here. We do not know which sinister lab it came from, but it is much like another Godly intervention because of mankind’s sins, or that’s what it seems like. The virus seems to be a natural occurrence, specifically there to eradicate our miserable existence.

I live in cell 0051, section C – Green Hills, Neo-Nashville. Yes, we still have addresses. Communication? We got that covered too – conventional smartphones just got amped to a degree like never before, when we launched the Aegis Satellites in 2045, granting a seamless technological dome. Thank the heavens that the people managing it haven’t been infected yet, and the likelihood is very slim – they operate it from space! Take that, Zombie bastards.

From time to time, we used to go to the surface and scavenge for things. Supplies, Medicaid, weapons, blah blah. Turns out Zombies have extremely photosensitive skin, and the darkness actually makes them weaker. They’re just like paper in the bunkers, which is why we’re here too. If you stop the virus at the neck, you can avoid being infected – but that requires special tourniquets to be worn all the time, and the virus can be really deadly in the sun. So we got those hybrids here too.

How does one sustain such a swath of civilization? Where is the light in this long, dark tunnel of an apocalypse? How do we still manage to sustain so many, spread over such a mass of land that is precarious?

You knew it had to be technology which eventually saved us. Don’t be primitive and rail against it because of your tree-hugging nonsense – when a beaver builds a dam, is it called ‘artificial’? No. Technology may have been our downfall, but it will also be our salvation. As it is being proved in this very apocalypse, if I may say so.


Tookan – The Name of a New Tomorrow

A toucan, in ancient Mexico (if you’re a remotely cultured fellow, you’ll know this – but well, we have to assume people aren’t too well informed when zombies are running amok) was the symbol for mystic travel – that is, travelling from this world to the spirit world.

The service called Tookan is exactly that – it enables travel through this Zombie infected hell, getting necessary supplies from dangerous point A to dangerous point B. It is ultimately a technological marvel, yes – the thing we call ‘software’, but the idea is deceptively simple.

Using the same Aegis satellite platform, Tookan manages to use all phones as trackers – the next generation mapping technology helps detect even slight changes in our ever fluxing geography. We use fleets and fleets of men to deliver necessary things like food, clothing, survival essentials and even luxury goods (sometimes) – all quite subsidized in areas that have been hit the worst.


We have reduced to casualties of our delivery troops by 90 percent in the one year of its operation, and we are proud of it. One single person sitting in the underground high command can survey an entire fleet effortlessly, guide it through the safest, most non-infested areas. The EyeintheSkyTM technology also forewarns teams that may run afoul of incoming zombie swarms, mapping out the route and all possible hurdles – including inclement weather and natural disasters. I suppose zombies are a natural disaster too.

The camera can screen for thermal vision, night vision, sonar, radioactive signatures – and the most effective – the zombie environment detector. Zombies unconsciously release a certain tracer chemical through their interactions with the environment – our cameras and satellites are primed to detect even that.


All paramilitary forces and assault squads are linked by the HivemindTM software that enables them to simultaneously feed into Tookan’s network. By doing this, they can view the progress other teams are making on the field, be updated well in advance in case there is a Zombie hoard that is going to inevitably hijack supplies, and can intercept the hoard within time to save the day, and the shipment. Delivery is guaranteed, and inter-bunker deliveries are our speciality.

AutomaExTM And Tookan

This feature, as I would like to declare, is sheer genius – not only in terms of delivery optimization, but also in the business of saving lives – correctly. Almost all zombies have certain, predictable movement patterns and migration histories. AutomaExTM combines all the information and sets certain automated protocols for delivery vans and convoys. Most drivers do not even have to touch the wheel as they set the automated process off, giving them time for immediate situational responses. Such an adaptive platform has never been seen before – more importantly, it has never been this accurate about predications. It also accommodates for the availability of goods in the area by keeping a self-updating database, analyzes repeat customers (affected areas and where the delivery is necessary most) and enables communications with the people being delivered to. This pioneering technology is being developed for the massive assault, Operation IronSide, which is scheduled for the next year. By combining all the analytics Tookan and AutomaEx generate – we can launch a full scale attack on those hapless creatures and hopefully take back the surface.

Tookan will make sure the Apocalypse is short-lived. Mankind can perhaps survive god, if only through technology.  

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