Meet Wunder, a ride-share startup promoting car pooling in a BIG way

Guest User 7th April 2016


Wunder is a car-sharing platform that is helping people indulge in a car pool with their friends and thus solving the problem of traffic and pollution in a big way. Gunnar Froh, the visionary behind Wunder wants this app to spread to the entire world. With an amazing concept and a hard working team Wunder has already won many hearts. The technology behind Wunder lets a person pool a car right from their location with the help of a tap. Here are some facts about Wunder.

Startup Vertical: On-Demand Car Share.

Headquarters: Hamburg.

Founder: Gunnar Froh.

Founded on: November 1, 2013.

Q) What was your personal motivation for founding a carpooling app?

Ans) In cities like Manila people spend 4+ hours a day commuting due to horrid traffic while 70% of seats in cars on the road are EMPTY! Those same commuters have a smart phone and can be connected to take cars off the road, provide a more convenient commute and better quality of life for everyone.

Q) Can you give us a rundown of how it works?

You sign up to the Wunder app in several clicks, provide where you live and work and if you typically drive your own car or take public transport. The app automatically matches you with others headed in the same direction and guides you through the process of finding each other, sharing the ride and eventually costs at the end.

Q) What is the value proposition you are offering to customers?

Passengers commute comfortably and cheaply. Car owners cover the cost of car ownership. We all save the planet.

Q) How did you go about getting car owners on your platform? Is there a particular marketing tool or process you swear by that helped you get more users on the platform?Bildschirmfoto-2015-06-18-um-16.19.17

Facebook and word-of-mouth.

Q) You were funded in June 2015. What are your future plans? Are you planning to integrate more features in the service?

Expansion to other megacities in emerging markets where commuting is a major pain point in people’s lives.

Q) What is Wunder’s biggest achievement to date? How did you go about accomplishing this?

Building the first global community for commuters to share rides.

Q) Where do you see Wunder in the next five years?

Wunder carpooling communities shall be there on every continent. Including Antarctica, you know penguins commute too!

Q) Any advice for startups trying to make it big in the sharing economy?

Focus on an important problem that matters to a lot of people. Empower the community to help you in the process. Don’t forget you don’t exist without the community that is doing the sharing!

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