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Why White Label Platforms Are the Perfect Solution for Your Business?

By Gargi Modi 7th June 2021


With the rapidly advancing technology, managing market competition has become increasingly difficult for businesses. The increased competition has also led to an uptick in the marketing efforts. Both these reasons combined have led to the emergence of white label partnerships. By smartly utilizing a white-label platform, businesses can increase their growth and brand value massively. 

Curious about what are white-label apps and platforms? You’re at the right place. Read on to discover why white label software is the way of the future when it comes to rapid business expansion.

What is a White-Label Platform?

In the most basic sense, white label products and services can be described as re-brandable and re-sellable items created by one company to be rebranded and resold by another company. White label platforms create a product or service that can be easily rebranded by a reseller company. A reseller company can then sell it as their product to customers.

A white label agency platform enjoys access to a massive distribution network courtesy of its reseller partners. These partners can take the original product or service and expand it easily without having to spend time and resources on producing original goods. The major selling point of a white-label app is anonymity since customers who buy the product will not be aware that it came from a white-label platform.

What are the Benefits of White Label Platforms?

Here’s a look at some of the most significant benefits offered by white label platforms.

  • Speed is the name of the game and customers are looking for real-time solutions that can meet their needs. By opting for white label solutions, businesses can offer prepackaged solutions to customers as and when they need them instead of waiting for a couple of years to research and develop their offerings. This reduction in the development time is crucial since too long a wait drives customers to other businesses offering the same services.
  • White-label platforms help businesses save their money and resources. Creating a new product or service from scratch takes up a lot of time and money, something a business only has in limited amounts. While building a custom product or service might seem like the ideal way to compete in the market, it requires the heavy deployment of human and financial resources.

    As a business, you also need to spend a considerable amount of money in marketing your offerings and that requires some serious money. By investing in a white label app or software, you can be more cost-effective and spend money where required.
  • In the dynamic world of business, it’s practically impossible for businesses to master every aspect of the line of business they’re planning to enter. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on trying to do something out of your comfort zone, you should focus on your core competencies and that’s exactly what a white label platform allows you to do.
    Prepackaged white label solutions ensure that experts in the space you want to enter are working on your offerings. This allows you to avoid making expensive mistakes and instead focus on expanding your business.

What Kind of Businesses Make Use of White Label

While white label solutions are available for a majority of businesses, here are some of the popular domains tailor-made for a white-label experience.

  • Taxi services
  • Food delivery
  • Pickup and delivery
  • Beauty
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Home services
  • Grocery

    Food delivery businesses such as Swiggy and Zomato have been working overtime to meet customer demands. This also brings the opportunity for new players to enter the competition and deliver food to a growing market. white label delivery app can help make your business go to market so much faster, enabling you to take charge immediately.

Why You Should Use a White Label Platform

Looking for reasons why you should consider engaging the services of a white label platform? Here’s why businesses are choosing to use white label apps for their operations:

  • Expanded offerings – With a white label app, businesses can expand their line of offerings without spending years developing something from scratch. Also, since a white label on demand delivery app is tried and tested, your customers will get to enjoy a seamless experience.
  • Building brand credibility – Using a white label platform to expand your business also makes you appear more reliable and trustworthy to your customers since your product/service is readily available and works well.
  • Stronger customer loyalty – Since platform white label apps are ready-to-use, you can focus on branding and marketing activities and build a stronger connection with potential customers.
  • Faster launch – For businesses looking to enter any market as soon as possible, a white label platform is the way to go since the time taken to launch a white label product/service is significantly lower than launching something built from scratch.
  • Lower costs – It goes without saying that using a white label platform allows you to save money on development and research. You can skip right past the development stage and start selling your product/service.

How White Label Apps Can Help You Grow Your Business?

1.) Experience and resources – When you use a white label app, your agency benefits from the track record, experience in the space, and a strong solution offered by the white label platform. This experience is priceless, especially for a business that’s just starting.

2.) Focus on core business – White labeling lets you sell a product with your branding on it quite quickly. Once onboarding and training are complete, you can sell the product/service as your own. Moving past the extra legwork needed to develop your own product/service saves your time and energy, allowing you to focus on helping your customers and boosting sales.

3.) Built for success – Your white label partner wants you to succeed because your success is ultimately their success. To enable this, they’ll help you in every way that they can to keep selling and growing your company. This includes training, support, and materials to help you stay an expert on the software and marketing materials to promote your offerings.

Jungleworks – Best White Label Platform

Jungleworks, a white label app builder, is a powerful on-demand app development platform that offers a stellar white label platform suited for a wide variety of businesses. Some of the reasons why Jungleworks is the ideal white label partner are:

  • Customized solutions – Get access to completely white labelled on-demand solutions with your logo and branding. You can also enjoy custom features and integrations to personalize your offerings.
  • Scalable and cost-effective – Jungleworks’ scalable and robust technologies can be effortlessly tailored in accordance with your on-demand business needs, helping you deliver a unique experience to your customers.
  • 24/7 customer support – Got issues? Enjoy access to 24/7 technical support along with a dedicated account manager to handle all your issues instantly.
  • In-app chat functionality – Customer service is key and Jungleworks’ white label apps allow you to respond to your customer queries by providing real-time in-app chat between customers and service providers.
  • Powerful analytics – Businesses need actual insights to grow and better their services. With Jungleworks’ white label apps, you can get real-time insights and sales reports to identify opportunities to grow your on-demand business.
  • Go live on time – Take advantage of our pre-built industry-specific app to save valuable time and money and launch your business on time.


White label delivery app and white label ordering app have become the go-to way for businesses to launch new products and services and offer loads of benefits. Reach out to Jungleworks to learn more about our white label app offerings and start your business right away!

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