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Why it is a better idea to go digital for your travel business?

By Tannu Sharma 13th February 2020

As 2020 beckons, we have unfolded many autonomous ways of running a business in the industry. Focusing alone on the Travel industry, the tempting and raised revenue figures can attract many of the smart players to enter this business. If reports are to be believed, the instant 55% hike in productivity is contributed via technology alone.

Are you owning a travel business or is in a mood to get started with the travel business model, then this write-up belongs to you. We have hand-picked the most admired benefits of the travel industry that can encourage you to start your online traveling business at the earliest.


According to an online survey, 87% of people have already expressed their desire to book their travel via online platform rather than visiting a travel agent. This means you might find your most of the potential customers via online portals. If you are living in a thought that you already have good number of clients with your offline business, think again! With gradual entering of technology in people’s lives, they are swiftly moving to the comforts. If you want to make your business accessible to your customers, you need to be available for them. 

Henceforth, an online platform is the best way to reach out to your potential customers in the first place. 

How Online Platform Can Boost Your Travel Business?

Still not able to figure out, whether you should go ahead with the digital switch of your travel business? Here are a few of the important things you should know before taking out a smart decision. 

Reach to Your Customers

Smartphones have now become an integral part of everyone’s life. Your customers will prefer the digital nomadism rather than going out and searching for your services in the market. If a business is readily available to offer its services via smartphones (online portal), it would be easy for them to reach potential customers.

Cut Down Operational Costs

Calculate your daily expenses with an offline store. You will find that a hefty piece of your daily earnings are churned due to these expenses. But what else one can do! If you are running an offline store, you have to spend a good amount over the inventory management, rent, manpower cost, electricity bills and many more. Here is the quick escape from such expenses. Get your travel business shifted to the online portal and streamline your expenses in a better way. The investment required to set up your business online and to maintain it is quite less as compared to your daily expenses of running an offline business. 

Flexible Business Hours

Your customers are always looking for you! No matter, it’s a weekend or a festival holiday! They want to reach you at any hour of the day as per their own convenience. And in this customer-centric industry, you need to pay quick attention to their requirements at the earliest. But in reality grounds, it won’t be possible for you to run your offline store 24*7. So, are you willing to lose your potential audiences because of your unavailability? Certainly Not! Then, what is your action plan? Let us help you with this crisis. The moment you shift your business to online platform, you will be readily available to address your customers queries, requirements at the earliest. 

What Industry’s Experts Think?

Gone are the days, when a customer wants to meet you to ensure your authenticity. Experts from the travel industry thinks that with the strong use of mobile phones, mobile payments, and e-commerce reachability, the online platform is more likely to grow. 

The more you switch to personalized components, the more are the chances to create a strong customer base for your business. 

Mobile bookings and virtual reality to explore a place while booking will definitely hit a strong rise in 2020. 

How Tiger Can Help You Combat The Requirements?

This is true that half of the business owners take a step back from their decision of switching to an online platform, because of one or the other reason. Time investment, higher finances, difficulty to collaborate with technology: What is your excuse?

It’s time to sideline these excuses and let your travel business grow with better opportunities.  Tiger is the solution to all your worries. From signing up to picking up your preferred theme, we have covered all for you! If you are looking for a user-friendly and pocket-friendly online marketplace for your travel business, choose Tiger. 

Concluding Thoughts

There is no better way to grow your business than growing it with current trends. Make sure you don’t miss any chance to stay connected with your customers. Get your business shifted to the online portal today. For more information, connect with us.  

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