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Why is a Flower Delivery App necessary for a Florist?

By Abhishek Goel 2nd July 2022

Having an online business can help you scale better as it’s cost-effective and provides a seamless customer experience. There are significant opportunities in e-commerce for you to thrive in your business.

Whether you are a self-employed florist or wish to open a flower shop, you must consider an e-commerce app store for your business as the ROI is higher than the offline market. As you can buy almost everything online, why not flowers? Flower delivery is like other delivery businesses, only there is a different product.

flower delivery

Let’s shift the focus to building an online flower delivery app and how you can benefit from it.

Challenges faced by offline florists

Any offline business faces significant challenges that halt its business growth. What challenges do florists face when it comes to their offline flower business?

  1. Seasonal Sales

People buy flowers through shops on special occasions or events such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or someone’s birthday. Thus, the buying is seasonal and there could be negligible sales during uneventful days which means lesser profits.

Although the invested cost in online shops is lower as there is no requirement to set up a shop daily and decorate with fresh flowers.

  1. Inventory and Infrastructure

While considering an offline shop, there is rent to pay, and an inventory to manage every single day. The infrastructural cost is high and ROI is low.

But online stores don’t require investing in holding a regular inventory, the cost is reduced so does the profits increase.

  1. Geographical Boundaries

The presence of your offline flower shop is limited to a specific geographical area, which means limited clientele, fewer sales, and less profit.

Shifting to an online store, the visibility of your business increases, and your presence will be worldwide. Customers from all over the world would lead to more sales and profit, also decreasing other costs thereby.

With the shift in e-commerce post-pandemic, almost all businesses pivoted to online retail stores. No doubt, e-commerce has been booming since then, and reports show that online retail sales are expected to exceed 7 trillion USD by 2025.

Businesses are enhancing their customer loyalty and increasing their sales with the help of delivery apps and so can you. The flower market is huge and you should take advantage of your flower business by launching a delivery app, which will cover a wider audience and boost sales.

Statistics and Size of the Flower Market

Before hopping on to building an app for your flower business, let’s look into the market stats and analyze how significant is the flower market.

  • The global floriculture market is expected to grow to a valuation of around USD 80.5 Bn by 2029, rising at a CAGR of around 6.7% over the period of 2022 to 2029. The US spends $1.83 billion annually on cut flowers and is the top consumer globally.
  • Approximately 80 percent of flowers sold are imported from other countries in the US.

Needless to say, the flower business is profitable and you should not miss out to venture into the on-demand flower delivery business. Apps like Ferns n Petals (FNP), FlowerAura, and Bouqs Co. already exist in the market and have expanded worldwide with a revenue of 350 million USD and 16 million USD, and 59.2 million USD respectively.

If you’re a startup or already own a flower shop, you can pivot to the online delivery app to increase orders and profits.

Benefits of an on-demand Flower Delivery App

More consumers are interested in buying online and customer convenience is the major factor determining the success of online businesses. As an online retailer, you should adhere to certain marketing tactics that could be beneficial. Building an app is one requirement to remain competitive and successful online. Here are the benefits of building an app for your business:

  1. Global Presence:

An app enables the global presence of your brand. You are available to customers anytime anywhere. This increases the customer base and in turn, surges sales.

  1. Customer Convenience:

Customers can opt for same-day or custom delivery on your app and also can choose from a wide range of products you have to offer. Customers have flexibility on what and when they want to order. An app builds customer loyalty and enables a great customer experience.

  1. Cost Reduction:

Having a delivery app means you don’t have to invest in inventory or infrastructure which reduces costs. As customers place orders, you can fulfill them directly from your comfort of home or shop and it does not require any large inventory.

  1. Monetization:

You can monetize your delivery app by charging commissions, selling ads, and featured listings. Other businesses can pay you to sponsor their products or ads on your app and you can earn commissions generating a passive income.

  1. Customer Base and Data:

When people will order flowers through your app and share their feedback or arrangement on social media, the visibility of the business increases and in turn builds a huge customer base.

Through the app, you can get a lot of customer data and use it as insights for better marketing.

Getting something delivered to their doorstep in a single click makes customers order extensively through an app. If you are convinced to build your own app for your flower delivery business, then JungleWorks is the solution to your all needs.

Build your Flower Delivery App with JungleWorks

JungleWorks’ Hyperlocal Stack helps you manage entire operations from one platform. Build your flower delivery app with the powerful integration suite that includes Yelo for seamless digital ordering, Tookan for efficient delivery management, and Hippo for customer engagement automation.

JW Hyperlocal Stack

What the JungleWorks Stack has to offer for your Flower Delivery App?

Yelo, Tookan, and Hippo are your end-to-end solution for your flower delivery business operations, be it ordering, delivery automation, route optimization, and much more.

The foremost step is to launch your own flower delivery app. And to set up your flower shop online, Yelo offers a seamless ordering platform with beautiful themes for your flower delivery app, inventory management, and unlimited listings for you to list as many flowers. It also helps you build a responsive mobile app for Android and iOS both.

On-time delivery is a major concern when it comes to delivering fresh flowers. Tookan simplifies delivery management and route optimization for efficient delivery of flowers to your customers.

Customer engagement is a vital factor in developing an app. Consider a customer wanting to deliver flowers with a customized greeting card. In this case, Hippo can help you by offering conversational support via bots, live chat, and omnichannel integrations such as WhatsApp and SMS.

Build your flower delivery app today with the powerful Jungleworks Stack.

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