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Why Do D2C Brands Need to Invest in Their Delivery?

By Vishal Thakur 28th July 2021

The direct-to-consumer or D2C delivery allows businesses to operate and help the customers directly by eliminating the old retail chain. This model is beneficial to the manufacturers as well as customers as it reduces costs.

With a D2C model, industries can make more profits and identify opportunities to grow their business. Moreover, industries from every niche can help their customers with the latest collection and build direct relationships with them. 

Businesses working with the older retail chain as well as using 3PL providers for customer service need to diversify themselves to have a niche in the market.  

It has been witnessed that businesses that aim to grow with success need to have direct customer interaction. It not only paves the way to grow your business but also helps you to work towards success. 

Direct customer interaction starts with your self-delivery procedure. So, to build a good customer relationship firstly you need to invest in your delivery. 

Why do you need to invest in D2C delivery? 

D2C delivery | Tookan: Jungleworks

Self-delivery will help you to understand the demand of the market faster as well as being more beneficial for you. The list of benefits associated with it are mentally below: 

Good customer experience

D2C delivery | Tookan: Jungleworks

Companies working with 3PL providers or using a retail chain cannot have direct interaction with the customers. To build a great customer experience you need to facilitate your business with a self-delivery facility along with the 3PL companies.

Good customer experience allows you to build great bonds 

Fast delivery service allows you to not only have a good customer experience but also build a direct business-to-consumer relationship. It not only strengthens your fame in the market but also allows help to gather customers. 

Good control over your service

D2C strategy has allowed businesses to have solo control over their business. Businesses have been facilitated to serve their customers in their best way and exclude any extra cost. 

Allows to have independency

D2C delivery | Tookan: Jungleworks

You don’t have to depend on others to provide your service to customers with d2c delivery. You can easily serve your customers as you prefer and choose to. It allows you to have proper control over service as well in return for happy customers too. 

Remove extra cost

Using a 3PL strategy for your business can be costlier for you. In the beginning, it might be good for you but once you start scaling, the cost can be a major concern. Self-customer service can help you to remove the unwanted cost. 

Reach out to every customer

Not every location is covered by the 3PL service, self delivery could help you to reach the customer and also to build a great bond with them. 

Easily strategize and plan future needs

D2C delivery | Tookan: Jungleworks

Direct customer interaction helps you to understand the customer’s needs, wants, and what are their expectations, etc. Such information helps you to understand and strategize your business plan for the future accordingly. These strategies help you to grow in the market.

I hope now it’s clear for you that for the growth and success of your business you need to have a self-delivery service too along with the old working strategy. 

Moving forward, you can hire the service of Tookan for your self-delivery service. Tookan’s delivery management platform provides applications to make online delivery of your products and services more efficient, keep a real-time track of every task, broadcast messages to delivery agents and employees, advanced analytics reports to visualize the business performance, and many more. 


Providing the best services and a great experience is the only key to customer retention. So, have an edge in technology to deliver services in the promised time using Delivery Management Platforms and enhance your business efficiency. Summarising it here, do let me know if you have any queries. Pen it down in the comment section below.

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