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Tookan: SaaS approach for cost-effective,fast sharing economy solutions

By Team Tookan 11th January 2017

Software Solutions have single-handedly revolutionized the on-demand space. The convenience and flexibility they offer to businesses have been the unsung heroes behind the scenes, making it possible for the industry to expand into novel possibilities.

What makes SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products so effective? The short answer is that they do away with the tedious process of managing complex software and hardware operations.

Whether it is an existing business, or an ambitious startup, having a software solution for your stakeholders has become the driving force behind the success of on-demand business.


Taking a full blown product to the market bestows a certain degree of credibility and stability to the stakeholders, while centralizing the business processes by a product-driven model. The exponential increase in mobile penetration has led to most businesses launching websites, applications (mostly native: iOS and Android) for their users (managers, agents etc).

Often, the concept behind a business remains so without validation from ground realities. Validation of a concept is what bridges the crucial distance between abstract conceptualization and real-world scenarios. How does one validate a concept? The best source of insights in this regard is feedback from your stakeholders, which enables you to move towards materializing a greater vision.

Which geography to start in? What features to include? Which channels to use to market the product? How to scale? What initiative to take?

There are many unanswered questions that you must grapple with before realizing your entrepreneurial vision. The inability to answer these questions often hinders the actualization of an idea, regardless of how ingenious it might be!

Instead of attempting a full-blown nose-dive into the larger market, having a product with abilities to tackle a niche industry can get you started on a better note. Showcasing and getting real time feedback from the real world to accordingly validate and structure the scale of your business provide meaningful steps for growth.

The key is interacting with invested stakeholders (customers, service providers, managers) to acknowledge the operational challenges and beautifying the value proposition of the business.

An effective approach is one of experimentation and fine-tuning your way for favorable outcomes.


Bottom-line – It is the product that has always played the crucial role in the success of on-demand businesses. From automation of processes through customer and agent side applications, to the business intelligence involved for running data analytics, SaaS products have pushed the envelope of both entrepreneurial avenues and stakeholder expectations.

“Tookan lets you do all”

Staying true to our central vision of expediting and simplifying the operations of businesses in the on-demand space, Tookan now enables its users to white label our ready to use Customer and Driver side applications to take to the market.

Still having doubts?
We have uploaded our applications on the AppStore and the Play store for any user to download and play around with. Feel free to visit and see if the applications fulfill the needs of your business.


The offering empowers you to brand the platform – from deciding the color theme, using company logos and possessing the platform on your company URL. Implementation time stands anywhere between 7-10 days from the day of design finalization.

There are many reasons why SaaS products work:

  • Tried and tested
  • Faster time to market
  • Low Investments
  • Continuous evolving process
  • Copes with time
  • White-Labelling: Accessibility to product branding

Having worked with many start-ups in developed and developing countries, Tookan has selectively harvested various feature sets for sharing economy based business models.

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