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White Label SaaS – The Smartest Way to Own Your Brand

By Gargi Modi 10th June 2021

In the digital age we live in today, technology empowers and drives businesses to be better. Most businesses springing up today have one or more technologies behind them. If you’re a business owner without an online presence, you’re likely lagging behind the competition. Using better and more efficient interfaces can help your business grow. However, building software from scratch is a tedious and expensive process. That’s where white-label SaaS products come into the picture.

White Label SaaS - Jungleworks

What are white-label SaaS products?

White-label SaaS products offer complete resealability for a business looking to rebrand the SaaS platform as its own. White-label products are designed to have no branding when sold to clients. The clients may then choose to add their branding to further resell it to their customers. 

White label software is great for businesses that can market a product, but lack technical skills or development resources to build it. The advantage of choosing a white-label SaaS product is that it doesn’t require businesses to invest very heavily in it right at the start. This makes it quite appealing to smaller businesses.

White Label SaaS - Jungleworks

Which businesses can use white-label solutions?

There are many different kinds of white-label SaaS products available that cater to the needs of various business models. For instance, white-label food delivery apps allow restaurants and aggregators to build their food delivery platform with their branding. That is why a White-Label Food Delivery App proves to be the best.

Different Business that use White Label Solutions - Jungleworks

Some other business verticals that can use white-label SaaS products include:

  • Online pharmacies
  • Intra-city delivery services
  • Ride-hailing services
  • At-home salon and grooming services
  • Grocery delivery apps

Why choose white-label solutions? 

If you’ve been planning to launch your app, you’ve probably considered the sunk costs of developing it. Developing software of your own is a significant investment of time and money that most businesses can’t commit to. 

This is why white label apps are a great idea for any business looking to expand without having to invest large sums in development. 

White label apps are offered in a SaaS format, allowing you to try them before investing more than you can afford to lose. By using a quality white label app, you can be sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck without compromising on features.

How does white-label SaaS work for your business?

White label software can help your business scale up and leverage the power of technology to serve customers better. Though technology has made everything more accessible over the past decade, building technology itself is quite a challenge. However, it’s possible to get around resource constraints by using cost-efficient white-label SaaS products.

Using an app for your business can help you be more efficient:

  • With powerful data and analytics, you can make sure you’re on top of how every aspect of your business is performing.
  • Around the clock, support is available to cater to give you the help you need, right when you need it.
  • Customizable layouts and interfaces allow you to maintain your design language across products.  

Why do most companies fall behind?

Many white label SaaS solutions tend to be poorly made and do not quite match up to custom made solutions. They might offer a lower entry price point, but the experience and functionality of the software lack to the point where it’s not worth the investment.

When you’re using the software as an interface with your customer, the user experience of the app plays a huge role in how successful your product will be. White label apps that are riddled with bugs and have a poor user experience are the reason why most of these solutions don’t gain momentum.

Issues with online apps - Jungleworks

JungleWorks – The Best White Label SaaS Marketplace

We built JungleWorks to address the glaring problem of poor design and development in the white label SaaS space. Jungleworks is a one-of-its-kind white-label SaaS marketplace that allows you to find the perfect white-label app solution for your business. 

White Label SaaS - Jungleworks

We believe in prioritizing quality. We go to lengths to make sure that every product of ours is as good as it can be, so your customers will enjoy using your app. 

All of our white label solutions are polished and built to be scalable, so the app can keep up with the demands of your growing business.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you launch your white label app in a single day!


With the development of technology being so expensive, white-label SaaS products are a beacon of hope for smaller businesses strapped for resources. Building an app from the ground up is way too expensive an affair for many businesses who want to leverage technology to their advantage. That said, we believe white label software is a great way to democratize access to technology. This model of software development can help small businesses scale up much faster and compete with larger competitors.

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