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Hiring for your delivery business? Take inspiration from Taylor Swift

By Tahira Bhasin 25th October 2023

As we read about Taylor Swift making headlines for everything she does, more and more we are inclined towards her strategies for success. And you know what? We figured how pick up and delivery businesses can take some inspiration from the music icon.

Swift is known for her sharp business acumen and strategic team-building efforts. Her professional journey offers valuable insights for delivery businesses, especially in the realm of recruitment.

Since, we know hiring delivery riders is a challenge for delivery businesses, let us learn some tips from Taylor Swift.

Looking Beyond the Resume

Throughout her career, Taylor Swift has collaborated with new, raw talents. She often recognised potential before they hit the mainstream. She doesn’t just look at the track record; she sees the promise.

Lesson for Delivery Businesses: When hiring, not only consider the candidates’ qualifications but also weigh their potential, enthusiasm, and how they fit with the company culture. Especially in a high-demand, fast-paced field like delivery services, look for resilience, quick thinking, and a customer-focused mindset.

Build a Loyal Crew

Taylor Swift is known for maintaining long-standing relationships with her team members. Her loyalty is mirrored by her team, many of whom have been with her since her early career days.

Lesson for Delivery Businesses: Staff retention is as important as hiring. Especially in delivery businesses, retention is very challenging.

It can become a curse for your business as you will have to constantly spend on training. Also, a stable team and familiarity will increase customer satisfaction and a more cohesive experience.

Companies should strive to create a positive, rewarding work environment that promotes loyalty. Providing competitive compensation, professional development opportunities, recognitions, and a supportive workplace can reduce employee turnover.

Background and Reference Checks

Swift manages her reputation by controlling her narrative and association with brands and collaborations.

Lesson for Delivery Businesses: Ensure your hires have backgrounds that align with the public image of your business. Any missteps can impact customer trust and brand reputation.

Delegation and Trust in Decision-Making

Despite being a global star, Swift often highlights the contributions of her team members. Swift gives them credit and authority in their respective roles.

Lesson for Delivery Businesses: Similarly, employees should also empower delivery riders. In a delivery business scenario, this could mean entrusting staff with the autonomy to make on-the-spot decisions. You should also give them the right technology that helps them do their jobs better.

Promote Growth and Learning

Swift’s career is marked by evolution and learning, as she continually refines her craft. She invests in herself and, by extension, her team, pushing boundaries and embracing change.

Lesson for Delivery Businesses: Encourage a culture of continuous development through training and upskilling. It will keep your team abreast of industry changes. Make them ready to meet evolving customer needs, and scaling business operations.

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Taylor Swift’s approach is a testament that the right people, with the right treatment, are key to realising her vision. Similarly, delivery businesses can channel these insights into their hiring strategies.

In the delivery industry, your team is the frontline; ensuring they are skilled, satisfied, and ready to perform. Good luck!

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