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What is Single Storefront by Yelo?

By Rajat Kumar 29th September 2021

Yelo has been a leading hyperlocal commerce platform designed for businesses of all sizes. Whether you sell online, on social media, in-store, or out of the trunk of your car, Yelo has you covered. Now we offer a Single Storefront model, with a mission to make commerce better for everyone.

What is this Single Storefront?

Whether you’re a budding florist and want to start selling your products, or a home-maker who loves to cook and wants to sell your food and or if you have a salon and want to channelize your appointments, Single Storefront can help you. Hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs from over a no. of countries trust Yelo to help sell their products locally.

Single Storefront is a one-stop solution for your order & delivery management needs and comes with powerful integrations like real-time analytics, chat-bot, and SEO support to scale your business from anywhere at any time.

We provide a platform that is flexible to all your ideas, be it good or service. It gives you an opportunity to start your business at as low as $29/per month.

Goods: A good could be something you make by hand, something you have manufactured, or something you drop ship to customers. Examples include jewelry, clothes, gift boxes, meat, food, flowers, grocery, or even the scrunchies to name a few.

Services: This could include your salon appointments, home service bookings, laundry schedule, etc. Single Storefront makes your every process smooth and efficient to increase your customer reach from every channel.

Let’s make it more clear. If you are a local seller and wanted to create an online presence or increase your customers and double your revenues in your area, then the single storefront is for you.

Yelo’s Single Storefront is a cloud-based, no-code platform. It means that you do not have to care about maintaining the upgrading of the software or the servers. Just come to us with your domain knowledge and leave every technical work on us.

It gives you a platform where you can interact with your customers’ purchase cycle at any point. Being locally active, you get the power to function 24/7 without any limitations to delivery or inventory loss.

How does the Single Storefront work?

Create and customize your online store

By signing up on the website of Yelo with a simple process, you will have 14 days free trial to test before deciding on a genuine purchase. Yelo offers you a comprehensive hyperlocal commerce web builder to create your app/website in just a few clicks. Shop owners can customize all Single Storefront with text, logo, images, and video to complement your brand’s look.

Manage your product, inventory, shipping as well as payments

You can configure in the admin interface to add products, change the product images, update price, inventory stock, and test your website before launching to ensure that both desktop and mobile are ready for public view.

Our Single Storefront works with more than 75 payment gateways and checkouts in more than 35 languages, which makes it easy to sell products anywhere in the world.

So now that you’ve learned about what our Single Storefront is and how it works, it’s time to get set up to start selling.

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