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What are the Benefits of Curbside Delivery?

By Vishal Thakur 22nd September 2021

The global pandemic has vastly affected businesses around the world. Whether it’s a large industry or a small industry, every sector has faced a depletion in the growth of success. 

The need to be healthy and safe has mandated one to maintain social distance and stay at home. In this period, most of the businesses have adopted the D2C strategy to meet the demand and supply vice versa, maintaining the social guidelines.

The path of digitalization turned out to be a profitable opportunity for a large number of businesses, but with the adoption of the d2c strategy by the businesses, the pain of the loss has been suffered by most of the traditional retailers.

Fortunately, curbside delivery has emerged as a solution to their problems and also given the means to reinforce the work and shop. All types of retailers are working towards their curbside delivery service by enhancing or launching various features for customer engagement. 

Curbside delivery allows customers to make a purchase online, then drive to the nearby business retail store to pick up the product, without leaving their vehicle. It provides convenience to customers as well as to experience the hassle-free delivery service without waiting. 

This could be a win-win strategy for the retailer to satisfy the needs of their customer efficiently and enhance loyalty by providing an excellent curbside pickup experience. It cuts down the cost of delivery charges for which the customer might pay instant gratification immediately by obtaining their order.

Curbside pickup has become a more common way to shop for customers and retailers. It allows both parties to adhere to the social guidelines and be safe from any of the risks. 

This impact might be overseen in future too, as the customers might prefer getting direct delivery to the car, resisting to get into the shops. 

The convenience of instant delivery of online orders will encourage many customers to continue with the same facilities in the future. Also, curbside pickup is a more profitable opportunity for retailers than home delivery service. 

Due to which the retailers might also prefer to continue with the same strategy by experiencing the customers with ease and comfort, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What are the Benefits of Curbside Delivery? 

benefits of curbside delivery: Tookan

Curbside delivery is a beneficial strategy for businesses that want to enter the long-term game. Some of the benefits are: 

  1. Avoid Delivery Charges

Every customer tries to avoid shipping charges of the product, curbside pickup facility enables retailers to eliminate the barrier of delivery and serve the customers with a good service experience. In turn, it emerges to be a good move by the retailers. 

  1. Quickly meet the order 

Creating a good customer experience starts with a fast delivery service. Hence, it enables your customers to get their item delivered within a couple of hours, which adds up a benefit to this. 

  1. Get to review the item

Major times the issue of wrong items delivered has been summed up by online shopping. Curbside delivery enables one to check and confirm their product before receiving and taking it home. Hence, it acts as proof of customers’ agreement over the product. 

  1. Frictionless experience

With the meeting demands of customers on time, retailers have bent down to borrow the latest technology to provide eminent facilities. The use of great technology has enabled the customers to experience frictionless. 

  1. Maintain the social distance
curbside delivery benefits with Tookan

Curbside pickup adheres to the social guidelines by avoiding fewer people interaction or involvement. It ensures the safety of the product too by delivering the right order in a good condition and well-packed. 

  1. Leverages store inventory

Using in-store inventory increases the velocity of your store stock. It means the faster the inventory is cleared up the less handling and damaging risk are associated with it. 

  1. Increases overall sales

Diversifying your business to multiple options can help incur high revenue. Such as converting a portion of your business towards curbside delivery will help you to grow your chain. With the use of BOPIS, the retailers had an average growth of 23%.

The key to the success of retailers is implementing the curbside delivery service to ensure a great customer experience. 

Moreover, opting for a Curbside pickup virtual assistant could help you to maintain a proper flow of meeting customers’ demands. 

For example, the stores that have a high demand for orders and are overwhelmed with calls can generate negative customers which might affect the relationship with the potential customers. 

In such cases, virtual assistants can be an alternate option to solve the issue. 

Key Things You Need to Delight Customers? 

Curbside delivery delights customers

As stated above, the key to success for retailers is to have a good customer experience. Hence, the effective move can help to delight the customer’s experience. The key moves are: 

  • Automate the customer experience – Automating the experience of customers can help you build a better relationship. Such as, enable them to receive the product at their convenience or leisure time. Avoiding the hassle of stating a customer for the delivery when he reaches can automatically help to generate a good customer experience. 
  • Ready the order pre-handed – Synchronizing the time of arrival for the pickup of delivery and getting it ready before the customer arrives can help you to avoid the customer waiting at your store and enable them to shop without stopping. 
  • Educate the staff with the arrival of customers – Eliminating the customers introducing himself for receiving the parcel, and immediately handling them with a simple cross-check of the identity of the owner without wastage of time can help to meet the other requirements. 
curbside delivery: Tookan
  • Know exactly where your customers are – Immediate tracking the customer’s location with the help of the identification mark provided by the customer can help you to identify the customers and deliver the product without any hassles. 
  • Advertising – Businesses need to advertise the curbside pickup service to educate their customers. Using social media platforms or web portals for your advertisement can enable you to incur a high amount of customer engagement towards your service. 
  • Innovative  – The unique features of your business sets you apart from your competitors. Hence, featuring your services with the spark of innovation can help you to lead the market. 


The Curbside pickup service ensures that you aren’t left behind in the competitive market force. Along with building the customer’s experience, it tends to build your brand image too. Well, providing the customers with valuable service can help you to build a better business-customer relationship and enable you to stand up with your competitors. 

So, if you’re looking to diversify or expand your business, a curbside pickup facility is the perfect place to start, as it acts as a co-supporter of your business. Get in touch with Tookan to get started with Curbside delivery right away. 

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