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Vizavoo- On Demand Beauty (literally!) on your doorstep

By Guest User 30th March 2015

It always feels great to look impeccable with perfectly straight hair and flawless makeup. But getting that ‘runway model’ look for an early morning meeting or an after-work party is more difficult than solving a Rubik’s Cube in under 30 seconds. Even though there are beauty salons at every corner of the road, getting an appointment and spending hours there could be taxing and inconvenient. In this scenario, the best solution is to hire a freelance stylist. But connecting with them is a bigger issue.

Alia Al Tawil found an opportunity in this gap and teamed up with Juggernaut to create Vizavoo, an on-demand beauty service mobile application for Customers and Professionals. It was developed to help a user look best, even during the time crunch.

This mobile app enables a User to browse through various hairstyles and makeup options available in the gallery. She can pick the best look for herself and book a freelance Makeup Artist and/or Hair Stylist at the day, time and location of her convenience. This interactive and easy-to-use application will help her get a salon-like experience in the comfort and privacy of her chosen place.

Moreover, a Beauty Professional can use Vizavoo Artist app to receive service requests, manage their profile and schedule, etc. Besides, it can allow an artist to grow his or her client base as well as profits.

Vizavoo is now available on Play Store for Customers and Artists.

vizavoo screenshot 1     vizavoo 2     vizavoo 3


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