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Virtual Telemedicine Consultation: The “New Normal” in the Healthcare Industry

By Tannu Sharma 8th May 2020

The concept of telemedicine consultation gets an enormous surge as the world begins to go into the lockdown phase. COVID-19 worldwide outbreak is forcing nations to switch into quarantine mode and refrain themselves from stepping out of their houses. The already anxious people are finding it difficult to access the hospital’s outpatient services amidst the inflicting admissions of virus-infected patients. So, what next?

The standing still OPD operations close the scope of face to face medical consultation. Under the circumstances, remote/virtual telemedicine consultation is becoming the new “normal” in the healthcare industry. Technology has been very kind to support and bridge the gap between the doctors and their patients via the introduction of telemedicine apps

telemedicine consultation

Telemedicine consultation: The evolution of doctor-patient relationship

Sitting in the comforts of their homes, doctors, and patients can establish a remote consultation. During this quarantine season, smartphones have been one of the strongest companions of all. An on-demand doctor app has gained the attention, for all the good reasons in this pandemic time. Various surveys stated that:

  • Telemedicine market revenue is expected to reach around $41.2 billion by 2021
  • In the last 3 months, demand for online medical consultation shoot up by 70%
  • In a single day, an average of  20,000 video consultations are offered by doctors
  • The average rate of an online telehealth app download surges to around 400% in the last few days

The figures say it all! The irrational fear of getting exposed to COVID-19 infection has ignited the need to embrace the concept of virtual telemedicine consultation. 

The rise of telemedicine apps: Present and Future Aspects

Even in the pre-coronavirus era; the concept of telemedicine apps was fairly introduced to the people. Though the response was slow in the initial phase; however looking at the current statistical data-  experts are quite optimistic about its present and future sustainability! Here are a few of the people’s responses that throws light on the rise of the telemedicine apps in the market. 

Society may be turning Nosophobic

The uncertain and contagious behavior of COVID-19 has instilled serious fear among society. People are apprehensive about the consequences of getting in touch with this lethal virus. Experts believe that even after the eradication of the virus from the earth, people will remain doubtful for a longer period of time. Hence, they would be in favor of scheduling a virtual consultation with their doctors. This clearly indicates that even in the coming times, the craze of telemedicine apps will remain high. 

Accessibility to experts opinion in a single app

Again, this lockdown phase has made people learn a life-changing lesson that virtual meet-ups are not as bad as it might have ever sounded! Even on the practical grounds, a virtual meeting can bring the results. This makes it super easy for the people to stay connected with the experts via the telemedicine app; without compromising with the tight schedule of their own. Distance is no longer an issue for any of them.  A virtual consultation allows both doctors and patients to get connected without making many efforts. 

Why do you need a telemedicine app for offering medical consultation? 

With the contagious episodes of COVID-19 still hanging around; it is tough to estimate the time; when things would be back in the position. Amidst this chaos, you can opt to pick up a virtual platform to address your patient’s concerns and medical requirements. With an app of your own; you can carry on the medical check-ups and consultation without any disturbance. The telemedicine app market is worthy to start with a potential investment. Now is a great time to begin!

telemedicine consultation

Panther: Your elite companion in creating your marketplace for doctor consultancy

The world has formally recognized the worth of online doctor consultation. As a health tech player, you need to gear up your presence in the market via a customized, robust telemedicine app. Panther offers you the smooth transition of your telemedicine consultation business to digital space. Now is the time to be part of the conversational marketplace and revolutionize the conventional ways of your practice. 

If you have been on the fence of entering the digital space with your medical consultation; feel free to talk with experts.

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