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Uber Purchases Postmates – Another Big Acquisition to Disrupt the On-Demand Food Industry

By Tannu Sharma 7th July 2020

Let’s admit it: Uber has been a smart player in the industry. Their decisive actions are always the talk of the town. The on-demand food industry is the perfect market fit for the times we live in. In a new series of events, Uber has just acquired Postmates. This all-stock deal ignites competition in the on-demand food delivery wars!

Remember the previous capped deal of Just Eat Takeaway with Grubhub? We all saw it coming as Uber earlier failed to collaborate with Grubhub. Read on to know more about it.

The game-changing deal

The on-demand food industry now has tougher competition owing to this giant collaboration. As the latest report suggests, the $2.65 billion all-stock deal will allow Uber Eats to get their tech and delivery operations merged with the existing Postmates app. This can be a tough face-off for other players in the market.

What does this collaboration mean for other players in the game?

Let’s get this straight: The more strong allies that come in the picture, the tougher the game becomes. If you are a part of the on-demand industry and are dreaming to make your existence count after these back to back big collaborations, don’t worry. A perfect plan to begin and execute can transform your business for the better. 

Here is a list of things that should be a part of your operational regime. Make sure you follow them religiously to get visible results. 

Stay visible, accessible and approachable to your customers

 The on-demand food industry is all about meeting and exceeding the expectations of your customers at the right time. It is important for your delivery services to reach your customers without any delay. This can be done by keeping your visibility high and getting an easy to access platform for your customers. We suggest creating an online marketplace or an uber-like app!

Automate your operations with powerful tech support

Ever wonder what makes Uber- a well-known name in the start-up industry? Great tech support that offers proactive solutions to the challenges that disrupt the overall journey. Get tech enthusiasts on board to help you set a benchmark with your presence.

Be true to your customers

If you wish to be a part of this industry for a longer period, you need to be a part of your customer journey. The on-time delivery of your services plays a vital role in establishing a healthy relationship. A happy customer channels the route for new customers too!

Time for action!

Dreams belong to those who attain them! Now is the time to make your dream a successful reality in the market. If you have been a part of the on-demand industry or are planning to make a big splash in this industry, connect with us. Let’s start this journey together! 

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