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Top features for a cannabis delivery app in 2021

By Aurobind Singh 1st October 2021

The legalization of cannabis has made the cannabis delivery business mainstream. According to a report by Grandview research, the cannabis delivery business will be worth around $70.6 Billion in the US alone by the year 2028. Being a relatively new industry with lesser competition and a considerable customer base, many cannabis vendors are moving online. Eaze can be a great example in this case. It is an on-demand cannabis delivery business with an estimated revenue of $106.4Mn per year from online sales. Taking Eaze’s revenue into consideration going online with your cannabis delivery business makes sense. Which pops up the question, what are the top features for a cannabis delivery app? 

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  1. Top 5 guidelines for a successful weed delivery app
  2. Features a popular weed delivery app must have
  3. What does it cost to build a weed delivery app?
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Top 5 guidelines for a successful weed delivery app

There are a lot of features you will be offering in your cannabis delivery apps. Here’s a quick list of the most important things you should keep in mind while developing your cannabis delivery app:

  • Your app should have a user-friendly UI.
  • The product browsing and checkout experience should be smooth.
  • Your app should receive regular updates to remain competitive.
  • A good cannabis delivery app should provide customers access to nearby cannabis dispensaries.
  • Cannabis delivery apps should have a robust delivery management system to ensure efficient delivery.

Features a popular weed delivery app must have

User App Features 

customer cannabis app
  • Signup/Login feature & Identity Verification: In the cannabis business, you cannot sell to anybody; your customers should be above the legal age limit. In order to ensure that you are selling to the right set of your app should have a custom registration with an option to upload age verification and other docs such as medical marijuana cards, etc.
  • Browse different products: Your cannabis delivery app should be equipped with a best-in-class UI so that your customers can browse products with ease. This includes features like filters, categories, product search, etc., that help customers discover their favorite products quickly.
  • Placing and canceling an order: The ordering flow on your app should be smooth. There should be no unnecessary steps that can frustrate your customers. Giving the customers an option to cancel orders generates trust among them towards your product and business.
  • Payment gateway: It is very critical for your business to offer online payments. Convenience is the key to the growth of your business, and offering online payment will make it easier for your customers to pay for the orders.
  • Order tracking: Providing an order tracking feature to your customer helps them be up to date about the whereabouts of their order.
  • Ratings and reviews: This feature allows customers to leave valuable feedback about your product and help other customers make decisions. It also enables you to improve your products and services according to the reviews.
  • Real-time chat support: Offering real-time chat support helps your customers resolve their queries quickly, leading to a good experience that converts into better sales and customer satisfaction.

Features for cannabis dispensaries

  • Login/registration and store verification: With so many regulations and compliances in the cannabis delivery market. You want to make sure that you are working with legal dispensaries with high-quality products. To do so, you’ll need to verify their licenses while registering.
  • Product catalog: Give your vendors the ability to upload and/or update their catalog and manage inventory independently for smooth functioning.

Order management: Give your cannabis vendors the ability to receive, accept/reject, and track orders.

Driver’s app Features 

cannabis driver agent
  • login/registration and profile verification: Ability for delivery agents to register on the platform to accept orders for deliveries. Along with the option to upload their licenses and proofs.
  • Tasks and notifications: Ability for drivers to get notifications to accept/reject tasks.
  • Maps and navigation (GPS integration): Ability for drivers to get directions using maps.

Features for Admin Panel

cannabis admin panel
  • Dashboard: Single panel to manage everything from orders to sales.
  • Order administration: Ability for the admin to manage orders at the platform level.
  • Product management: Ability for the admin to manage listings and catalogs to ensure the quality of the products being sold on the platform.
  • Marketing: The ability of the admin to create marketing campaigns such as mobile push notifications and send personalized email campaigns.

Learn more about how to start your own cannabis delivery business online.

What does it cost to build a weed delivery app?

how much does a cannabis app costs

Estimating the cost of a feature-rich and multi-dimensional app is not easy since many variables are involved; each feature adds another dimension to the development and cost calculation.

The cost of app development majorly depends on the development team, features of the app,  the technology stack, and other variables. 

Alternative to developing your cannabis dispensary apps, which is a very cumbersome task, is going for Yelo‘s saas solution. It saves a lot of time and cost that goes into creating the app. If you want to start in the cannabis business with a pre-built feature-rich platform for your business, connect with us today. 

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