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8 best alcohol delivery apps in 2023

By Abhishek Goel 29th October 2021

Cravings for alcohol are not seasonal. A bottle of beer is always a handful for your mood, whether it’s night or day. Not everyone has the access to a liquor store nearby or the time to actually visit the liquor store at any given time. So that’s exactly when these best alcohol delivery apps come in for the rescue. 

Top alcohol delivery apps assist in comforting people with their favorite booze delivered to their doorsteps. Drizly witnessed a growth of 62% revenue in 2017 and where Wine saw an increase in online sales for hard liquor and beer by 21.2%.

User-friendly and stress-free, these alcohol delivery apps are a must-have.



Drizly alcohol delivery

Drizly, a Boston-based startup, provides beer, wine, and liquor delivery via its mobile app. If you need your booze quickly, Drizzly is the app for you. You can get your favorite wine, beer, or liquor delivered in under an hour with Drizly. It works by having you browse at several booze stores in your region. Then you just place your order and wait for it to come. You may also pick it up if you don’t want to wait for it to be delivered. 

The app has credit and debit cards that are accepted as payment options; no cash is taken for orders, however, you can tip in cash if you choose.


  • Numerous options available
  • Prices that are reasonable
  • Same-day delivery is available


  • Not all locations provide same-day or one-hour delivery.
  • The cost of shipping varies depending on the vendor.
  • Not all states have this option.



Saucey alcohol delivery app

Saucey stands out from the rest of the apps for alcohol delivery businesses because of its quickness. Plus, if you reside in a few big U.S. cities, you can have your order in as little as 30 minutes, which is incredible. You can still get your order with two-day delivery if you don’t have one. To get started, simply select the booze you desire, add it to your cart, pay for it, and wait for it to come. Saucey is a trending alcohol delivery app in many states today.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • 30 minutes delivery time 
  • Anywhere delivery – office, houses, and beach.


  • Serves in limited states like New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
  • The cost of delivery varies from vendor to vendor.



GoPuff alcohol delivery app

GoPuff is a food and beverage delivery service that will deliver your things to your door in under 30 minutes on average. GoPuff also delivers alcohol in addition to cleaning products, over-the-counter medications, food, gadgets, and baby necessities. The best part is that they’re open late!

And, to make your evening better the delivery fee is only $1.95.

If you use GoPuff frequently, though, joining the FAM membership program is a terrific way to save a lot of money. For only $5.95 a month, you can enjoy free delivery of food and booze with a GoPuff FAM membership.


  • Daily essentials store that delivers almost everything
  • Service is available till late at night.
  • Minimum delivery fees
  • Delivering in over 1000 cities (GoPuff near you)


  • Services limited to only a few states



Doordash alcohol delivery app

Doordash is one of the best food and beverage delivery apps, and it’s also great for satisfying your alcohol cravings. This app for liquor delivery near me allows you to browse and shortlist your favorites. Additionally, you may monitor or plan your delivery based on your preferences. Get alcoholic beverages delivered to your door from restaurants, retailers, breweries, and more. You may now order a wonderful drink to go with your amazing dinner delivery. Simply download the app, locate a restaurant, select your food and/or beverages, and wait for it to arrive as soon as possible.


  • On your first order, there is no delivery cost.
  • Deliveries of bar-quality, ready-to-drink cocktails
  • Wine and beer are also offered.


  • Ordering alcohol frequently necessitates the purchase of food.
  • Most establishments provide just a limited selection of alcoholic beverages.
  • The number of restaurants that participate in each city varies.



Instacart delivery app

Get your favorite booze within two hours of ordering, with the addition of alcohol delivery to Instacart’s offerings. You may order snacks, groceries, and other food products in addition to beverages at any time and from any location. After installing the alcohol delivery app, enter your zip code to see the nearest Instacart stores that deliver to your location. 

Order a variety of alcoholic beverages and brands, as well as side dishes like snacks and groceries. In places like Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and others, you may get contactless and same-day delivery. If your product is not available, speak with the shopper and hunt for a replacement. 


  • All of the alcohol goods that the business regularly offers are available to you.
  • Orders containing exclusively alcoholic beverages are possible.
  • New states are being added wherever law permits.


  • Only 14 states have it.
  • In addition to the usual service price, there is an alcohol service fee.
  • You must be at home to present the driver with your identification.



Minibar delivery

More than 2 million deliveries have been made using this quick alcohol delivery service. You may choose from a large assortment of drinks when you order from Minibar Delivery. If you enjoy drinking the best, this greatest app for alcohol delivery is a great choice. You have the option of ordering them immediately or scheduling them for later delivery with Minibar.

With just a few taps, you can have wine, liquor, and beer delivered right to your door. You will find some excellent deals and a wide range of selections.


  • Local liquor outlets are partners.
  • In as little as 30 minutes, your order will be delivered.
  • A blog with valuable suggestions


  • Only 18 states are served.
  • There is a minimum order requirement.
  • Only shipping is available for some places.



Swill alcohol delivery

Swill lets you order your favorite wine, spirits, or beer, or try something new. The best part is that you may have your order delivered in 60 minutes or less. Bid farewell to the beer runs. This service offers a huge range of sodas, juices, and garnishes to order with your beer, wine, and spirits, giving you everything you need to be a mixologist at home. 

Swill links you with local, on-demand delivery via its app. You may order beer, wine, spirits, and other accompaniments to be delivered to your house or business.

To help you make cocktails at home, the app includes a range of mixers ( tonic and soda) as well as unique products like coconut water, aloe, and energy drinks.


  • A large assortment of spirits is available.
  • Mixers and garnishes are on hand.
  • Some places have delivery times of less than 60 minutes.


  • The minimum order varies from store to store.
  • It is not possible to order from numerous retailers for a single delivery.
  • Only major cities are served.



Winc alcohol delivery

With Winc, you’ll get a monthly supply of wine delivered to your door. The proprietors of this wine club, which was founded in 2012, had a goal that wine should be more accessible, so they created a bespoke wine club. You’ll need to complete a taste profile questionnaire to get started. Answer six questions to help Winc get a better understanding of your preferences. You’ll get wines that are tailored to your preferences.

You’ll never have to pay for a bottle you don’t like with Winc. Begin with a monthly membership and cancel or skip a month whenever you choose. Orders of 12 or more bottles receive a 10% discount.


  • Choose to have wines chosen for you based on your preferences.
  • A chance to sample different wines
  • Flexible subscriptions with the ability to select your own bottles.


  • Unable to ship to every state.
  • To receive a 10% discount, you must buy 12 bottles.
  • Orders may take up to 7 business days to arrive.

Final findings:

When it comes to selecting the best alcohol delivery service for you, you have a lot of alternatives. There is a suitable fit whether you need a single bottle of alcohol to refresh your bar or a big list of components to make an outstanding cocktail recipe. Drizly is the greatest alcohol delivery service overall. 

Beer, wine, and spirits are just a few of the items offered on Drizly. Most cities benefit from the company’s partnerships with local businesses, which allows it to provide reasonable rates and quick delivery. This means you may receive what you need in a matter of hours at a price that is affordable to most people.

Because now there are many apps for alcohol delivery available, it is not easy to make your presence felt in the market. With your branded alcohol delivery app you can stand out from the pile of merchants available and increase your ROI and increase your reach.

Looking to set up your own on-demand alcohol delivery service?

Learn how Yelo can help you build your own online alcohol delivery app. Reach out to us today, if you’d like to address the needs of your community by launching your own alcohol delivery service with Yelo. Alcohol delivery app development is now made easier.

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