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The 8 best cannabis delivery apps as rated by customers

By Abhishek Goel 20th May 2022

In the mid-2010s, a growing number of states approved medicinal and recreational marijuana. Cannabis sales and usage skyrocketed as a result. For this reason, companies have adopted an e-commerce model and have developed cannabis delivery apps. 

The cannabis dispensaries in New Jersey bring in $24million says, Forbes.

Whether you need flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, brownies, chocolates, CBD, or just about any other cannabis product, dispensary delivery companies are set to deliver straight to your doorstep. 

Now, let’s find out which top cannabis delivery apps are suited best for this solution. Let’s dive in:

Best cannabis delivery apps


Leafly appears to be a cannabis one-stop store. Every detail about the items and diversity of strains accessible for purchase makes it a greatly sought-after website/app anytime cannabis buy is on the mind. 

leafly app

In order to quickly leverage greater economic results, the company is launching a new initiative to provide trustworthy information to cannabis administrators. It provides patients with rapid access to prescriptions and medication delivery, as well as the world’s largest portal for vital health information. 

This weed delivery app is a one-stop solution for marijuana and its usage for medicinal purposes. Here are some of the top features of Leafly:

  • Find a licensed doctor, clinic, marijuana dispensary, and delivery services.
  • A simple and convenient method of learning about hash through Cannabis 101.
  • Take advantage of the Leafly map to locate a Leafly dispensary near you.
  • Deal updates and alerts in real-time.


Eaze is the most prominent cannabis delivery service in Los Angeles. This delivery service is both high-quality and convenient. It promises to democratize your kush purchasing experience by making it faster and easier to access your items.

eaze cannabis delivery app

Eaze is a company that collaborates with the greatest pot shops in the US to offer superior quality marijuana products, with delivery hubs around the country in locations like Oakland, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Merced, Marin, and San Francisco.

Eaze.com can meet your demands whether you use recreational or medicinal marijuana. Their eCommerce platform is simple to use and provides a vast range of items. You’ll discover vapes, sweet flowers, prerolls, topicals, and concentrates, as well as Sativa, Indica, and hybrid goods.

Some of the prominent features of this app like Leafly are:

  • View the most recent goods with detailed information.
  • Get the merchandise delivered to the specified location within the time frame.
  • Learn about the most recent developments in the field.
  • Order tracking in real-time and knowing the projected arrival time.


Weedmaps not only delivers, but it’s also excellent for finding cannabis reviews or new companies to shop from. Cannabis news allows you to discover new products and know more about business. This app also allows you to browse user reviews so you know what type of equality to anticipate from a brand.

weedmaps cannabis app

It has a wealth of information that allows you to investigate menus, lab data, THC and CBD ratios, and terpene values. The software is also often updated, so you can anticipate it to include new features from time to time.

Altogether, this is a useful app that just about any medical marijuana patient might benefit from. It makes it easy to identify what you need and provides the necessary information to make educated purchase decisions—all from the comfort of your smartphone.

A highlight of a few features of this cannabis delivery app:

  • Locate CBD dispensaries and businesses in your area.
  • Get a comprehensive guide to hash
  • On your phone, you may search among thousands of dispensaries and menus.
  • Offer the greatest and most current product offers.


Muncheez is one of the leading cannabis delivery apps that allows you to purchase from your favorite dispensaries and brands. Simply, sign up to have access to a selection of fantastic offers and much more from the companies you use the most.

muncheez cannabis delivery

All of the dispensaries in your area may be found with a few taps. Additionally, you will be able to learn more about the business and receive news about subjects you are interested in. If you are new to the cannabis industry, the app may also assist you by giving honest user evaluations for you to read. If you find many clients complaining about a specific brand, you should avoid it.

In other words, this is simply an app like Leafly that allows you to have more knowledge about cannabis-related products and their usage. Let’s look at some features of this marijuana delivery app below:

  • Keep up to date with the latest product releases and version upgrades.
  • Find marijuana stores that are trustworthy and fully compliant.
  • Rate and review the best dispensaries, delivery, brands, and products.
  • View and explore dispensary options with a few taps on your phone screen.
  • Muncheez also have their own merchandise


A medicinal marijuana app, PotBot, provides assistance to individuals who are uncertain which strains will benefit them the most. The software can help patients choose strains and consumption kinds based on their health concerns or difficulties.

potbot cannabis

To identify which strains to recommend to the patient, the app employs an algorithm that is based on science and study. The idea is to give them something that will instantly relieve all of their symptoms.

PotBot’s ability to recommend medications based on their individual needs and ailments was greatly appreciated by people who used the app. Meanwhile, this app is the only one that can calculate CBD amounts and show you how to consume them.

  • Find nearby marijuana stores, physicians, and locations.
  • Search for edibles and strains of cannabis that are suitable for your needs.
  • Get the finest strain recommendation from a doctor. 
  • Secure and legitimate medical advice.


Emjay, like Eaze, is a well-known company that provides cannabis product delivery in the Los Angeles area. The company has worked with a diverse range of cannabis shops and items to provide its clients with a diverse purchasing experience. Customers that utilize this app may anticipate exceptional service that is consistent with a worldwide brand.

emjay cannabis

Further, HeyEmjay delivers excellent cannabis in a variety of formats, including flowers, vapes, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, and accessories.

They provide a variety of health advantages through our goods. For example, their Breez Citrus CBD Spray can help you feel better, decrease anxiety, and get rid of any aches and pains.

In addition to this, this weed app has maintained its blog section for more cannabis-related news and information.

  • Find more information about cannabis usage.
  • Wide range of marijuana products.
  • Premium quality cannabis-related products for specific medical purposes.


Duby is known for keeping a wealth of information in one place. Through the app, retail weed stores and dispensaries can advertise to you, which means you can learn about several new brands and may end up loving them, but you never would have discovered them otherwise.

Additionally, the app also makes it simple to locate various varieties of CBD and cannabis. You might easily find edibles, gummies, or tinctures, for example. You may also learn more about strains by browsing a wealth of information on the subject. This may be an excellent alternative if you want to be kept updated about the cannabis you have delivered.

  • Look for dispensary locations and goods in your area.
  • Send personal notes to others.
  • Examine the marijuana strains on your phone.


Amuse delivery is one of the highest-rated cannabis delivery services that mostly serves California regions.

amuse cannabis app

They get their cannabis via direct ties with local producers in the region. Some of the top Westside dispensaries are Sunnyside, The Goods, The Herbal Care Center, Ash Mart, and Canna Entice, to mention a few.

While Amuse does not provide cannabis delivery in other cities, the quality of their service more than compensates. Users have praised them for the distinct, exclusive sense they offer to their customer service.

The majority of cannabis delivery apps today offer much more than just weed delivery. These marijuana apps act as a source of information on how to use cannabis for the right conditions. As a result, this space is growing and more and more customers are choosing to use these cannabis delivery apps online as they act as one-stop solutions for their problems. 

Also, learn about the top features in the cannabis delivery apps.

Final thoughts

As we can conclude, the cannabis industry is on the rise with marijuana being legal in the majority of the states. If you’re looking to build or scale your cannabis delivery business, then Jungleworks hyperlocal stack would be the right fit for you. This stack will provide your customer with a seamless weed ordering platform with a faster checkout process,  75+ payment integrations, and much more. 

Along with this, the Jungleworks stack also takes care of your weed delivery management and ensures efficient on-time deliveries. Additionally, the stack takes care of your customer engagement by providing solutions like chatbots, email blasts, SMS marketing, and more.

Contact our experts today to learn how you can scale your online cannabis delivery business like Leafly.

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