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Top 5 Features That Make Your Online Tutoring Marketplace Stand Out!

By Zeba Yasmeen 7th June 2021
online tutoring

Education is pretty much entirely online for students all over the world now. Every aspect of education is now streaming online. Whether it is PTA meetings or graduation ceremonies. Young students are generally more tech-savvy. And it helped them seamlessly switch from on-campus to online classes. While the education system started holding zoom classes, the tutoring industry was quick to change its rhythm to online tutoring.

The online tutoring industry crossed the billion mark in the US, now sitting at $1.3 billion in 2021. Online tutoring has many perks. Furthermore, it’s more convenient and personalized for students. Tutors can use different technologically-enabled interactive tools to make learning fun.

If you have an online tutoring website or are planning to launch an online tutoring marketplace, you need to ensure you have all the facilities to offer steady services. 

Top 5 features that you need in your online tutoring website

online tutoring

Above all, access to learning should be effortless for all students. The role a strategically designed user interface plays is phenomenal. 

An ideal interface is engineered to be easily navigable and user-friendly. Moreover, components like color design, visuals, icons, etc are all key in defining the user experience. 

Here are some of the compelling features the user interface of your marketplace needs to have:

1. A straightforward login or sign up

Keep the login/sign-up uncomplicated. Visitors who are browsing your website for the first time prefer an easy way of creating an account

Setting up the sign-up page that asks for the necessary information like name, email, and contact number is standard and it does not overcomplicate the process. 

In short, eliminate any unnecessary steps to access an account on your website. Provide easy options for logging in through Google or other social media.

2. Effortless search and selection

It is unwise to clutter up the interface with elements. It might make finding tutors difficult for users. Students would want to find ideal tutors based on their preferences. 

Add filters like location, expertise, ratings, and more. So that students can use these filters to get steered towards the right results in midst of multiple options to choose from.

3. Extensive feedback system

A learning space built through community feedback can prove highly rewarding for your tutoring marketplace. 

Feedback, tutor ratings, and reviews are all a part of the collaborative contribution in building a trustworthy e-learning marketplace. In addition, a systematic feedback system would allow students to find the ideal tutors to get coached from. Reviews build credibility.

4. Real-time notifications to never miss a thing

Your marketplace should be able to send notification alerts when needed, to both students and tutors. Time for a class? Late to a class? Assignment deadline coming up? Push notifications would ensure neither the student nor the teacher forgets anything from their schedule. 

5. A sharp and perceptive analytical admin dashboard

So, how well is your marketplace performing? To answer this, you need data.

Data gives you insights much deeper than what you can normally perceive. You will need an intuitive admin dashboard that displays data-rich insights derived from student activity on your platform. 

Certainly, through analytical reports, you will be able to discern the initiatives and strategies that are yielding results vs. the ones that are not. As a result, you will be able to make data-driven decisions in the future.

The right tools create an exceptional e-learning platform

online tutoring

Edtech is taking the world by the storm, with new product offerings emerging in the market every passing day. To launch a successful tutoring marketplace, you will need to sort out the components that will go in the making. Choosing the software with all the right features would be a landslide victory. In addition, if you are wondering how to set yourself apart in the overcrowded e-learning marketplace, you must give it a read.  

Redefine online tutoring with Panther

Instead of a custom script, Panther is designed as a SaaS product. And it can be altered to fit perfectly with any online tutoring app idea. Furthermore, panther requires no prior technical knowledge or coding, enabling you to set up your marketplace within a day. 

Panther is highly scalable and can be customized according to your brand tone. Create easy-to-use student and flexible tutor apps. And it will bring about an immersive learning environment for everyone. Find out why Panther is the 360-degree online tutoring solution on our homepage. We’d love to discuss your tutor app idea!

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