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Tookan Turns Three. A BIG Thank You

By Madhura Yale 14th August 2018

After powering 16 million deliveries and 150K field agents in 180 countries, we’re thrilled to celebrate our 3rd consecutive year of success with you; Our Beloved and Valuable Clients!

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies, delivering everything from food & groceries to petroleum & bikes. We have tracked field agents who brought beauty salons closer to customer’s homes, insurance providers, on-demand medical service providers, home service providers, and a lot more. We have empowered over 25,000 businesses by significantly improving their operational efficiency and customer delight.

With rising consumer expectations, we believe it is important for you to touch the lives of your customers until the last mile. By designing Tookan, we could satisfy the most pressing delivery and field service needs that your businesses face, while building a product that is easy to use, practical and effective.

We offer consumer-facing solutions, like the ability for you and your managers to track your field agent in real-time and SMS alert notifications. Tookan also gives you operational solutions that allow you to streamline internal communications. Features like automatic task assignment and real-time alerts allow managers to analyze and resolve bottlenecks. You can integrate powerful analytics, and access visual reports & trends to optimize the performance of fleets and drivers.

We look forward to continuing on our journey to hone the platform and achieve 100% efficiency, in an effort to live by our “mission” to make delivery and field-force efficient and delightful this year and beyond!

At JungleWorks, we often have internal banter and take mighty pride in the fact that we have the greatest customers in the world. So, we can wholeheartedly admit that we couldn’t have seen our 3rd Year Of Success without each one of you.

Naturally, we are humbled to extend our gratitude towards each and every one of the 25,000 businesses who stood by us during this journey and still continue to add value to our product. So, we wanted to take a moment, pause, take a step backward and express our deepest and sincerest gratitude to you in a BIG way.

Thank You

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