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Tookan Recognized By Gartner Digital Markets as One of The Top Products in 2021

Tookan completes 2021 with huge success and accolades from Gartner Digital Markets brands (Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp). Our products got recognized in various flagship reports under various categories in 2021!



Food Delivery

Route Planning

Fleet Management

“My experience with the software is pretty good. We have been working together for more than 10 months and the results are doing great. The software is complete and very well developed, but the most important and what we must value is the support given.”

~ Diogo D. ~

[Source: Capterra]


Delivery Management

“It has been a good support to my business and I hope it develops and gets integrated with other systems.”

~Mohamed M. ~

[Source: GetApp]

Software Advice

Food Delivery
Route Planning
Online Ordering

“Loved it was really easy to use and helped the delivery management in our company”

~ Jorge. ~

[Source: Software Advice]

Tookan is rated 4.4 (out of 5) on all Gartner Digital Market brands. We would like to sincerely thank all our users for loving us so much and rating us so high on Gartner Digital Markets websites.

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About Us:

Tookan is a delivery management platform that helps businesses streamline dispatch operations and facilitate communication between managers and delivery drivers. It comes with an administrative dashboard, which enables users to track orders in real-time and receive automated notifications about new issues.

Feel free to reach us at contact@tookanapp.com

About Gartner Digital Markets:

Gartner Digital Markets is a Gartner business unit composed of Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice. It is the world’s premier source for software vendors to connect with in-market buyers, through research, reviews, and lead generation.

For more information, visit https://www.gartner.com/en/digital-markets 

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