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Tookan Agent – Optimised for iPhone X

By Team Tookan 8th November 2017

The iPhone X is officially here, and designing the Tookan Agent for the iPhone X brought
us new challenges but also some new design opportunities. While the width is same as
iPhone 6, 7 and 8, there is around 20% increase in height. With the replacement of the
physical home button with on screen home indicator(that small line that lives on the bottom
of your screen), it was a challenge for our designers to ensure the app actions aren’t
overlapping with the Apple’s new swipe gestures.
So with the help of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, we at Tookan tried to create a
unique experience for this device, taking advantage of its strengths. Under the hood,
extensive work was done to ensure Tookan works perfectly with all iOS 11 devices.

Creating a full screen experience

Map view now scrolls to the very bottom of the screen, even beyond the edge of the
curved bottom display. So instead of placing black bars at the bottom to make it look more
conventional like for iPhone 8, we utilised the bezel-less display to our advantage.


Inset important information

By using Auto layout, important content and information was aligned in the centre (safe
area), so that design won’t be hidden behind the corners, sensors or the home indicator.

So what are you waiting for? Try our new Tookan Agent App in your new iPhone X. And
don’t forget to provide your feedback here.

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