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Time for retailers to track shipments in real-time and optimize operations. Walmart leads the way!    

By Savita Dhawan 6th April 2018

Technological innovations, customer demands, and the hike of the mobile workforce have shifted the business landscape rapidly, making the specialized supply chain more crucial than before. Nonetheless, gaining visibility into the supply chain has become invaluable. Over the past few years, there has been a gradual shift of power from manufacturers to retailers. Retailers sit in a very important position in terms of information access for the supply chain. They have risen to the position of prominence through technologies.

Not only has the number of retailers expanded exponentially in recent years, but also their problems. For the retailers, the majority of its challenges deal with the choices and thought-processes of consumers shopping in retail stores. Even the established retail businesses face hurdles like staying up-to-date with social media trends,  and out-marketing online businesses. In addition to this, retailers also face a variety of inventory management challenges that range from confirming shipments to real-time tracking. As retailers progressively adapt procedures to work online, they require technical solutions to address the challenges associated with real-time tracking.

With a market full of various real-time tracking software, selecting the appropriate one for retail business needs some consideration. Delays in shipping is always a possibility. But even in this case, through Tookan real-time software retailers can have access to near real-time data about the location of their packages. Tookan software provides tracking information with higher accuracy.

Here are some compelling reasons as to how Tookan real-time tracking software can help retailers to stay updated with orders and delivery.

Identifies Delays: Delays can have a drastic impact on customers. Tookan real-time tracking helps vendors, retailers, and logistics companies to pinpoint the delays and take the action accordingly to mitigate the challenges.

Provides a better customer insight: Tookan real-time tracking software gives retailers the context around their customer’s insight. They can also make out how external factors like the weather, public holidays, crowds etc has impacted the traffic.

Messaging Services: Messaging is a crucial element for services to communicate in real time. Tookan real-time tracking software helps the retailers to stay updated by tracking orders with customized alerts and resolve issues proactively.

Optimized Routes: Tookan real-time software easily navigates to multiple destinations and ensure on-time deliveries.

Automated logistics: Tookan real-time software can save logistics providers millions of dollars annually in fuel costs.The retail industry can equip the delivery vehicle with sensors that track deliveries and routes, optimizing these routes for the fastest and safest delivery.

Being the market leader, Walmart has taken a lead and has tapped Fourkites to track shipments.The retailer will use FourKites’ GPS technology to track truck and rail shipments into distribution centers (DCs), and store managers can use the platform’s mobile app for information on inventories and load deliveries.

How Tookan can help

The data from Tookan’s GPS technology will help retailers with its inventory management. Knowing exactly when and where a shipment arrives can help store managers adjust and best meet consumer demand.

At the same time, retailers will be more attuned to suppliers who consistently face delays and fail to meet on-time supplies.

It becomes easier to organize staff to offload shipments and thereby increase the efficiency of operations at warehouses. This, in turn, can reduce the truck drivers waiting times which is especially critical given the capacity crunch.

In a retail business, the need to quickly locate assets and people is always important for better productivity. When a retailer provides a customer with reliable, real-time information about what items are currently in-stock, that customers are more likely to visit the store and hopefully purchase the items. It has always been beneficial for retailers to know precisely where their inventory is, at any given moment.

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