Autonomous Drone Delivery Solution

Making Drone Deliveries a Reality

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Here's what you can deliver with TIDA

Why choose TIDA for your business

A network of autonomously flying drones carrying packages to any desired destination

We provide end to end drone delivery solution that's easy, fast and accurate for any business use.
Our system enables users to program, control and manage missions in one click

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TIDA features

Fully Autonomous

Self-deployment and landing Remotely monitored

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Failsafe detection

Geo-fencing, return to home(RTH) and emergency landing

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High endurance

Hover-time endurance limit up to 61 minutes with payload

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Cloud communication

Seamless cloud data transfer using LTE/4G networks

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How TIDA delivery works

  • Customers place an order using our delivery app, choosing from a variety of items

  • Items are prepared and packaged with care. Then, our automated system will plan the best route possible

  • Drone will dispatch with the package and customers can track the order in real-time from our delivery app

  • The drone will hover at a safe height and will carefully release the package on the ground

  • After successful delivery, the drone will take-off to cruising height and will return to a set source point

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Autonomous Drone Delivery Solution