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The most profitable Pickup and delivery business models to start in 2022

By Aryaan Sarover 9th September 2022

Due to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for delivery services has remained on the higher side. Furthermore, due to the rapid rise of e-commerce, many people are buying things online, and there is a lot of demand for the delivery of items/services. Therefore, starting a pickup and delivery business in 2022 is a wise decision, but let’s understand the most profitable pickup and delivery businesses and their advantages and disadvantages. 

The advantages of entering a pickup and delivery business


The pickup and delivery businesses are quite straightforward. There is just one objective: to get the parcel to the consumer as quickly as possible. This simple nature of the delivery business appeals to several business people who do not want to get involved in complex business structures.


The diversity involved in a delivery business model provides much flexibility to you as a business owner. You may begin the business in one sector and switch or expand to another later.


The delivery business is extremely scalable. You may make a small beginning by keeping low overhead costs and lower investment to judge the prospects. Then you can later scale the operations to make more money.

Easy control

The delivery business is ideal when looking for a manageable business that will allow you to keep a good oversight. In the beginning, you can drive and make the delivery yourself. Later, when you scale the business, you can use tools for operating the teams.

Better independence

This business provides a lot of freedom to you. There is no need to work for the usual 9 to 5 hours hunched on a desk. The line allows you to be your boss.

The most profitable pickup and delivery business ideas for 2022

1. Milk delivery business

Milk distribution/delivery is profitable due to the huge demand-supply gap in the market. With the “near me” concept popular among consumers, hyperlocal business models are expected to grow exponentially using technology. The milk delivery market generated nearly $60,000 million in revenue in 2021.

Want milk delivered? Just App it: Utilizing technology, startups now allow customers to order milk online, specify the quantity, track routes and get notified in real-time. This can be extended to delivering other dairy products like cheese, butter, cream and paneer. 

Milk delivery

2. Laundry delivery business

It has become a fast-paced world these days, and with several tasks piling up each day, you can get a rising demand for laundry delivery services. This industry is projected to become a $113 billion marketplace by 2027. However, to ensure that the business venture is successful, you need to take into account the challenges, optimize the business by using technology, have competitive pricing, and market the business locally. 

The laundry business has a low cost of entry, and can be started from home. It is a flourishing business, and several opportunities exist to differentiate your business from others.

You can enhance the laundry delivery service by using optimization software or app to decrease tech barriers while starting a laundry delivery business. This will ensure that the new business is quickly profitable. 

Using a software presents the opportunity to schedule the deliveries easily and ahead of time. Maximizing daily deliveries by combining pickups and drop-offs on the same route is possible. You can provide a better delivery experience to the users and even price the laundry service competitively.

3. Garbage pickup business

On-demand businesses have become extremely popular due to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to enter the pickup & delivery space, there may be a hidden gem in the garbage pickup business.

Although the trash pickup business may sound uninitiated and offbeat, several big players are working on it. Some huge names such as SoulCycle and WeWork are working in the field.

Some of the essential items required for the garbage pickup business include selecting the garbage truck, getting the equipment ready, and getting the necessary licenses.

There is a massive potential involved in the scrap metal pickup and delivery business.

Garbage delivery

There are some solid benefits you can get from the business, but, it is a good idea to use technology for this purpose. You can promote the business in the market activity to find out the real potential of the market quickly. When you are ready with other arrangements, be sure to get the necessary technical assistance from experts. A proper delivery management software platform will allow you to track your truck arrangements and optimize the suitable route.

4. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and egg delivery

Vegetables and fresh fruit are consumed by people on daily basis. They are classified as consumable items or goods. There is one thing you need to remember before starting a fruit and vegetable delivery business. It is that these are perishable items, and have a short storage period.

Therefore, for establishing a solid sourcing and delivery network you need to do well in the business. Eggs are one of the convenient animal protein items used in many household kitchens. Not only that, they are nutritious and tasty. But carrying them can be tough and risky as they are fragile.

Grocery delivery

It is easily possible to start a delivery business for these items in your local area. You can serve both domestic and commercial customers such as snack bars and restaurants by using this business. Using the online delivery business model for this purpose can be extremely challenging. Many renowned companies are operating in this space such as BigBasket and Amazon. They are not only working in the metros but also in smaller cities and towns. You need to have proper technological assistance for developing an app for this purpose. You can create an application that is suitable for your business requirements.


In the past few years, the pickup and delivery business sector has seen rapid growth. The business will keep on growing at a quick rate. This is due to the shift in consumer preferences after the pandemic pandemic as we can see growth in the delivery business sales. This growth is likely to continue in the upcoming months. If you are looking to develop your online business platform for your pickup and delivery business, check out Tookan, a Delivery Management & Route optimisation software.

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