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The Burgeoning Space of Beauty On-Demand

By Madhura Yale 29th April 2017

On-demand services have already made deeper inroads in our lives. From ordering food and groceries to booking a cab, arranging car wash or a laundry pick-up – every product and service is being ordered and received almost instantly now.  The era has definitely advanced and is moving ahead at a much faster pace.  The concept of beauty has always been dear to all, as men and women (especially women) have always been frequenting salons in large numbers to avail these services. The trend has picked up all the more recently, with the young generation of today constantly desiring to look good and feel good. Experts believe that the demand for such services will only grow with time, and is very unlikely to see a downfall.

Changing Trends

However, as the world gets busier and the lifestyles of people grow more complex, planning a trip to the salon has become an uphill task for many, quite similar to planning a vacation. In such a scenario, the introduction of beauty on-demand services comes as a sigh of relief, where all one needs to do is pick up their mobile phones and fiddle with it a little to have these experienced salon services at home, office or any other desired location. Simple!

And it’s not just the traditional beauty services of manicures and massages which are being offered by these innovative start-ups; their world has gone beyond that to include various other unusual services as well like one-to-one fitness sessions, personal training, yoga, etc. Yes, the beauty on-demand industry is here to grow and make a difference in the lives of people. Many of the traditional salon models are trying to catch up with the trend by including on-demand services as a part of their offerings. The industry seems to be getting a beauty makeover with a lot of interesting stuff happening around.

Leading Markets for Beauty on-demand

Undoubtedly, US and UK have been seen as two strong markets for such services till now, with a variety of players reaching out to the masses with their unique offerings. New York-based Glamsquad, often touted as the Uber for beauty, is a service known to all, especially the women of New York who are often faced with heavy demanding schedules and are extremely willing to avail beauty services as per their convenience. Veluxe, another leading on-demand beauty, fitness and wellness app in the US, offers a variety of personalized on-demand services for both women and men. The industry boasts of other popular services as well like Soothe, an on-demand massage company that lets users schedule a same-day massage in the privacy of their home or hotel.
The market of UK has also witnessed an upsurge of such services and apps, ringing the bells of beauty at the doorsteps of people. Among other leading players, Milk Beauty is a corporate mobile beauty service, delivering treatments to different offices across the UK. Apart from this, there exists a marketplace model like Treatwell, which allows customers to book treatments from an extensive list of salons, and that too almost instantly. Witnessing a steady growth in its bookings, the company has already laid out big expansion plans for itself.

Apart from the US and UK, there are players in different markets as well, which have been aiming to revolutionize the beauty services industry. Vyomo, an India-based on-demand beauty and wellness platform, helps its customers discover salons and spas, compare prices, read customer reviews and instantly book the service they want with a few taps. Glamazon, available across Australia, allows users to find freelance stylists and book instant appointment for any specific beauty service. The company is soon looking to add an advanced feature allowing users to request an Uber driver to take them from their address to a partnered salon.

The Way Forward

Beauty on-demand is surely to be a great success story in future. Some consider it as a threat to the existing salon model, but is it really true? The answer is clearly no, since these on-demand services are targeting an entirely different set of population – one that is tech savvy and is glued to services like Uber and Amazon, one that demands sheer privacy, one that enjoys the convenience and flexibility of such services at home. Looks like both models would go hand in hand to deliver a seamless experience to the consumer.

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