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Task Authentication on Tookan using OTP

By Rajat Jain 12th July 2018

Tired of tracking your tasks billing?  Make it easy with Validate identity with OTP. By using this feature you can easily verify that your tasks are billed to the right person.

Every On-Demand system is facing issues and receives lots of complaints regarding payments, services daily like agent has started the task before reaching customer’s location, or agent does not want to perform this task and does not cancel the task and customer is overcharged by. To resolve these issues we just figured out the way to verify every task with OTP feature.

How it works :

  • Share the OTP received on your registered mobile number with the agent
  • Or you can locate your OTP easily in your Customer App on your “Track Task” screen or Order History screen.
  • Once your task is started, share the OTP with your agent to start the activity.
  • If the OTP is correct then only the task will start, otherwise, it protects your system to get wrongly billed.
  • Now relax and enjoy your service.

There are several benefits of using an OTP. If an OTP is not a static password and it’s not vulnerable to replay. Like if someone steals the used OTP and try to use it again it will not work again.

And that’s it! It only takes a minute to setup by adding the free add-on from Tookan Marketplace and make your tasks secured with OTP.

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