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Success Mantra Behind Uber, Revealed!

By Rajat Kumar 11th June 2021

Uber is a ride-hailing service that provides the Uber mobile app, which allows you to submit a trip request that is automatically delivered to a nearby Uber driver, alerting them to your location. The Uber driver who accepts your request will then come to pick you up and bring you to your desired location.

Without you having to speak a word or take out your money, the Uber app calculates the driver’s navigational path, calculates the distance and fare, and transmits payment to the driver from your specified payment method.

Everything you need to know about Uber, including how it works, how to join up, and how to use it, is right here.

It is available in over 10,000 cities worldwide. You can see if it’s available in your city using this Uber webpage. 

Services That Uber Offers

In addition to allowing riders to request a ride, the Uber app has a number of other capabilities.

Since 2019, the Uber app has included London public transportation information, letting riders know if there is another way home. This is especially handy if you’re in an area where there’s a surge – a price increase owing to greater demand.

You may also add your work and home addresses to your Uber account, as well as other stored locations, such as the hotel you’ll be staying at while on vacation. This makes it easier to choose the “Where to?” destination.

“Trusted Contacts” can also be added to your Uber account. You can share your journey status with a simple tap once someone has been added as a Trusted Contact. It’s also possible to add a family member to your account and share your default payment method, allowing you to pay for your loved ones’ Uber rides while also receiving trip notifications.

Divide Fare is also a feature in the Uber app, which allows you to split the fare with anybody you’re riding with. Before this can happen, a contact must agree to Split Fare with you, and you will be charged a nominal cost.

Meanwhile, the Verify Your Trip function allows you to enter a PIN to ensure that you get into the correct car. For each trip, you will be given a new unique PIN, which you must share with your driver when they pick you up to begin your journey.

Other features that we haven’t covered in depth include Quiet Mode for UberBlack and UberSUV drivers in the United States. Our separate blog on Uber’s Business Insights includes detailed information on its business models, growth model and various other features

Uber Success Timeline

Uber Success Timeline | Jungleworks.com

A Successful Business Model

If you have ever travelled in a taxi, you might have paid the driver in cash at the end of your journey. The cash collected by each journey is the only source of revenue for a traditional cab company. Uber is no different. Neither does it have a different revenue model than the one mentioned above nor it has any other source of revenue as of now. But just imagine 1 million rides a day. It will help you calculate those big numbers that the company earns. Let’s dig a little deeper to understand Uber’s source of income.

What is uber technologies fee and what has made them so successful is the fact that the revenue model is as unique as their business model. It can be explained as:

Uber's growth model | Jungleworks.com
  • Different cab models to cater to everyone:

Uber has not limited itself to a particular segment of cars or to a particular segment of people. There is Uber X, Uber Black for those who love to travel in a black car, Uber Taxi for those looking for cost-efficient solutions and Uber SUV for those who want luxury.

  • Surge Pricing Technology:

Variation in cab fares according to the situation is an important aspect of their business model. Whenever the demand increases, per mile prices are automatically increased. The new price depends on the number of available drivers and the number of requests made by people who want to travel. It has applied for a price surge technology patent in the US.

  • Other Uber rides:

The company has come a long way from cabs. It now offers boats, helicopters, as well as some other transportation, means on demand. They recently launched a motor­cycle-pickup service in Paris, a delivery service in San Francisco, and an ice-cream-truck-delivery service in a few cities too. However, these means are available in selected geographical locations but it has led them to add new streams of revenue into its business model.

Takeaways From Uber’s Business Model

  • Go for a less ownership model. Uber does not own any cab but still provides over 1 million rides a day through its partner network.
  • Choose an industry. Think about the most common problem it has. Find a solution and disrupt the existing model through technological infrastructure. That is what Uber did in the cab industry.
  • Treat your initial users as kings. They are really important for the growth of your business.
  • Expand step by step. Do not add everything in your business model on the first go. Uber started with cabs but now even has boats, helicopters, bikes and other means.
  • Opportunity won’t come to you. You have to look for them. Uber created an opportunity by offering discounted rides for particular events/party venues and hence got its first customers.
  • Treat your workforce as an important part of your business. It calls its drivers as partners and gives them a decent 80% of the total fare.

Thinking to open your own online marketplace just like uber or any other big brand, hola! you are at right place. Yelo provides you a large no. of customized options to built whitelabel online platform in some fraction of time.

However, starting an on-demand Uber-clone app comes with its set of dos and don’ts.

But with the right expertise and direction, it is navigable and highly rewarding. 

We have compiled a list of resources for you to look into to get more info on how you can get started with your own such business –

What is the cost to start an uber like business

How to be the next Uber for X? Brilliant ideas to get started!

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Uber and the Aspiring Entrepreneur


Know how Yelo can add value to your Business


How Yelo Helps Leverage All These Benefits At An Optimum Cost.

Yelo is a pre-managed hyperlocal marketplace development platform that gives you access to ready-to-use elements for creating your marketplace.

In technical terms, we will call Yelo a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system that allows users to create a new product using the SaaS’s abilities and features without writing even a single line of code, designing, and testing. The reasons why you should use Yelo to build a marketplace like Uber are manifold. For Instance –

  • Build Without Coding
  • Proficient management abilities
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  • Extensive features and functions
  • Integrations
  • Design your marketplace
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Marketing and SEO
  • Help and Support

Yelo comes with the most diversified features in the category and unlike our competitors, and it has no hidden charges with best pricing plans. We provide a platform with open customization which is completely inclusive of-

  • Integrated delivery management software 
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   and many more…

Now go ahead and set up your own spectacular customer website like Uber and be a successful entrepreneur. If you have any questions please refer to our more resources at Jungleworks Resources for a quick fix.

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Know how Yelo can add value to your Business


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