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Starting your food delivery business for the Netflix generation

By Sahil Sankhla 11th May 2018

The current generation that survives on Netflix for chilling has become much more easily accustomed to the new-age technology than their counterparts. Their need for absolute convenience in every aspect of their lives make them the perfect target market for that food delivery business which has been hovering in your mind since many years. The same technology that used to be quite intimidating has, now, become so simple and affordable in application such that starting a business is merely a touch away.

We’ll take you through a step by step process to establish your own food delivery business from scratch.


Have clarity about your big idea and chart out a basic business model after thorough research about the geography, laws and regulations, restaurants and outlets, buying behavior of the target group, competition, etc.

Standard Business Model

  • Partnership with investors, restaurants, app-service provider
  • Key resources such as finance, human resources, vehicles and office space (if required)
  • Main channels would be apps, websites, social media and physical delivery vehicles
  • Costs including that of operations, staff salaries, office rent, procurement and delivery, advertising and promotion
  • Revenue stream from food sales, advertising and partner promotion

Value Proposition: Delivering fresh food of your choice while you Netflix and Chill!

Getting started

You can start with local delivery before scaling up. The first thing you need is an app or a website. Tookan is one such robust platform which will get your business set up from scratch and help it grow in no time. You can get your own customizable food delivery app and website with Tookan and manage all aspects of end-to-end food delivery service from a single dashboard.

Managing Operations

The process flows like this: Customers place order on the app or the website, the admins receives the order and the payment, sends out the delivery personnel with the order to the respective restaurant who procures and delivers the order to the customer. Payment can be either pre-paid or cash-on-delivery.

With Tookan’s easy to use tracking-supportive dashboard for resource efficiency and customer satisfaction can be easily taken care of with the help of its route optimization and real time in-app chat support system. Also, you can make business intelligent decisions by understanding your customer’s purchase behavior and market trends with Tookan’s powerful geo-analytic features. This will not only lower down your costs but significantly increase productivity.


  • Put your social media game right on top with foodie pictures on Instagram, updates about discounts and coupons on Facebook and Twitter, Meal recommendations, community building
  • Targeted Facebook and Google ads for better results
  • Loyalty Programs as a major step towards customer retention and word of mouth marketing
  • Monthly newsletter for brand awareness and increase customer base

This basic guide will help you start your own food delivery business and smoothen out the process to become a brand everyone loves. You can be the best friend of this Netflix generation who wants to have a feast without getting out of their home so just take a leap of faith and kick-start your own food delivery business right away!

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