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SMS is out, Bumbl is in!!

By Parminder Saini 15th March 2018

At Jungleworks, we believe in constantly putting efforts to evolve our products which help our clients grow their business in the right direction at a fast pace.

While we keep enhancing our products on technical front to provide better quality to the end users, our next focus is to boost their business by engaging more and more customers and also improve their communication with the existing customers and field agents at the same time.

Communication with the customers is a vital part of any business but it is something that needs a lot more attention in the modern-day marketing.  A good business always needs to be responsive. It should have the power to target the right set of users at the right time with a sharp campaign. To dig deeper, there needs to be a system which explores how users react to that campaign.

Let us consider an example, a user arrives at your app’s checkout page, and you just are about to get a hefty order but it does not happen! After some time, you realise there are a lot of users who drop out. How would you tackle this? A campaign that offers coupons or discounts to those set of users would make perfect sense here.

Hence, Bumbl!

Bumbl banishes all the marketing problems and eases out the process of reaching to your target audience. With Bumbl, you can convey any information to the user at any time through any platform. It can be SMS, push notifications or emails and interestingly to targeted set of users.

As our first step, we have replaced the process of sending SMS to customers and field agents in Tookan by Bumbl. This would give our clients the maximum control over their communication with the customers and alleviate a lot of problems related to choosing the target audience and tracking the campaigns. It would also provide in-depth analysis of each and every SMS that has been sent.

In the coming days, Bumbl would be able to track user’s activity with custom events, filter out users, and give you suggestions to create the perfect campaigns to promote your market growth in the best possible way.

Get in touch with us to discuss how Bumbl can benefit you and help your business grow.


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