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Acquire, Grow, and Retain Customers with Bulbul’s Single Customer View

By Faizan Buch 8th January 2019

What is SCV?

A Single Customer View (SCV) is where all the data you hold about each of your customers is stored and consolidated into one single view, allowing all data on the individual to be grouped and brought together to create a single view of that customer. With Bulbul’s customer view, all touchpoints – activities, notes, calls, chats, email conversations are stored in a tidy timeline so that you don’t miss anything about a customer. SCV means that the organization has a complete picture of the customer that is accessible and actionable.


Need for SCV?

Organizations often hold multiple touchpoints (sales, marketing, operations, etc) that the average customer comes across when dealing with an organization and as such, it becomes very difficult for an organization to capture all the data. Single customer view enables the organization to create a single view of their customers by connecting, combining and capturing all the data from multiple sources or departments. With a single point of view, not only are companies able to better target and drive business with a higher quality of insight, but they can also minimize costs by avoiding ineffective marketing tactics. Additionally, a unified view of the customer ensures that business can run without complications when employees are out of the office, sick, or on vacation.

A Single View of the Customer Provides Numerous Benefits

Organizations continuously strive to deliver effective marketing and sales campaigns to boost sales and increase revenue. In order to achieve this, a single view of the customer is necessary to look into and examine previous customer patterns, interactions, purchases, etc. Moreover, with a single view, sales teams are empowered, as they now have complete information to develop a complete understanding of prospects & customers. Sales teams can understand what products, prospects and customers have expressed interest in, what has already been purchased, documents, and even feedback and reviews regarding the product.

There are several benefits to being able to see every touchpoint each of your customers has had with your business:
1. Increase Personalization: Gather a precise customer view that gives you the information to have meaningful conversations with your customers.
2. Improve targeting: Get a greater insight into your customer’s behaviours & interactions meaning you can tailor your marketing communications.
3. Improve Customer Lifetime Value & Revenue: Understand customer needs and pain points through an always on and always updating the single view of the contact.
4. Reduce cost and impact profitability: Maximize ROI for your best customers by understanding and optimizing their journey with up to date & accurate information.

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