Why Choose JungleWorks?
Doctor Profile

Doctor profiles with complete information regarding specialisation and clinic hours are shared in app for users to browse through and consult the doctor who best suits the requirements.

Online Consulting

Skip the waiting and consult your medical practitioners online. Our in-app online consulting helps users consult doctors on the go.

Operational Expertise

Our team harbors extensive in-house experience to help you with an ‘Uber for Healthcare’ platform.


Our platforms are designed to handle unlimited requests, with a capacity to carry out over 40k+ transactions per day.

Fastest Time to Market

The expertise and improvisation at our end ensure that your business goes live in less than 3 months.

Global Presence

We cater enterprises from across the globe and have worked on over 200 live on-demand platforms in recent years.

Healthcare and the On-Demand Industry
Since the onset of on-demand healthcare services, their reach has amplified as they offered users the flexibility to avail services virtually. Attracting at least a billion dollar in investments each year, these services saw a 300% rise in investments in the last 2 years, connecting patients to medical experts. As enterprises automate healthcare, their presence has increased from merely 4 in 2010 to over 100 in 2017, facilitating strong growth in on-demand healthcare services. This promises lucrative investments and revenues for entrepreneurs focusing on healthcare app development.
What On-Demand Healthcare Services Offer?
Incoming Orders


We help your enterprise with efficient analytics that are critical to understanding customer and market trends.
Orders Track

Increased Efficiency

Through customised business solutions, users are connected to on-demand doctors and medical experts.
Customer Feedback

Business Growth

There is assistance for business expansion through data analysis to inculcate more professionals and users.