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Meet QuikForce, an On-Demand Startup that has Made Moving Simpler- Startup Story #47

By Guest User 17th March 2016

QuikForce is a startup that provides professional moving services in major cities of the US. Inspired by his dad and learning the trade at a very young age, Desmond Lim was well versed with the problems faced by movers as well as customers. As he grew up, he decided it was time to bring the business of moving into the On-Demand space and modernize this vertical with the help of technology.

He founded QuikForce to provide an end-to-end experience for customers and moving firms to seamlessly book, schedule, and process their moves via a software platform. Continuously growing stronger and looking to expand further here are some facts about QuikForce.

Startup Vertical: On-Demand Movers

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts.

Founded: September 2014.

Funding Received: $20k seed (Till March 2016).

We talked about this amazing idea in the moving sector with QuikForce founder Desmond Lim and here is all that he said.

Q) Starting an On-Demand professional movers platform is definitely a great idea. Tell us a little about QuikForce and your personal motivation for starting this service?

My father has been a mover for the past 35 years and I grew up helping him to move. My parents only finished 4th and did not know how to use technology to do their job well. As the first in the family to go to school and come to the US, I founded QuikForce to help movers like my father do their job better.

QuikForce provides an end-to-end experience for customers and moving firms to seamlessly book, schedule, and process their moves via our software platform. Customers can book a move in just a few clicks, and moving firms can reduce overheads and costs by using our platform. Led by a team from Harvard, MIT, and Princeton, QuikForce is currently serving the greater Boston area and Miami and is rapidly growing.

Q) Can you give us a rundown of how it works?

For customers who like to book a move, simply go onto www.quikforce.com, key in the details of the items you are moving, pick-up and drop-off locations, and your preferred timing. We will then help to match you to the best moving firm via our software and you are done!

Q) What is the value proposition you are offering to users?

Booking through QuikForce is more convenient and stress-free. You can book a move in just a few clicks, and our software provides an accurate way to measure the length of the move, process payments, and match you to the best moving firm based on our data-driven algorithm. Therefore, your move will be best well-served by the right number of movers, size of the truck, and will be done at the best service and price.

Q) You are present in Greater Boston and Greater Miami areas as of now. Do you plan to launch services in new regions? If yes, what would be your strategy?

There has been a great demand for our service in New York, Philly, and Texas. These are the other cities we are looking to expand into in the near future. We have got a lot of requests from customers in these cities or people who have tried us in Boston and Miami who would like us to grow into those cities more rapidly so that they can use our service.

Q) Could you shed some light on the technology and tools used to build QuikForce?

We use bootstrap to build the front-end of QuikForce, and we deploy a machine-learning algorithm to match customers to the best moving firm. Our team of computer scientists from Google, MIT, and Berkeley have come up with an architecture that will most efficiently help QuikForce to scale and to process moves through us.

Q) What is one particular Marketing Tool or process which you swear by, that has helped you gain more users on the platform?

As Sam Altman from Y-Combinator shared, we believe in methods that don’t scale from the start. We have been giving out flyers, posting in Facebook groups, and talking to our network and friends. Those have all worked great as there is such acute pain and stress associated with moving.

Q) What are your future plans? Are you planning to integrate more features into the service?

We plan to scale more rapidly into other cities!

Q) What is QuikForce’s biggest achievement to date? How did you go about accomplishing this?

We were awarded the audience choice award during the TechCrunch pitch-off in New York earlier this year, in which we pitched to a crowd of 1,000 people.

Q) Where do you see QuikForce in five years?

Solving the hassle of the residential and commercial relocation, and customers nationwide can book a move in just a few clicks. Also, we would have helped movers better do their jobs too!

Q) Any advice for startups trying to make it big or join the On-Demand space?

Choose a problem you personally feel passionate about and surround yourself with friends who care about the problem too!

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