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Payments made automatic with Paytm Payouts by Tookan

By Tanvir Singh 24th November 2020

Making and managing payments to employees and third parties is time consuming, tedious but imperative task of your business. Considering the importance of timely payments, we at Tookan have developed a special feature to automate your payments: Paytm Payouts! Yes, you read it right, automated payouts to all the third parties at your fingertips.

Paytm Payout by Tookan
Paytm Payout by Tookan

For those who haven’t heard about Tookan, it is a SaaS-based technology which provides delivery management services with end-to-end planning, Route Optimization, Automatic Dispatch, Real-time tracking, Automatic dispatch…Phew! The list of features is pretty long. Check Tookan Out.

We are very excited to announce that Paytm has been integrated with Tookan which lets you automate all your payments and instantly pay your agents, drivers and merchants: Paytm Payouts Extension”

Paytm is one of the largest mobile commerce platforms in India, providing hassle-free transactions at your fingertips.

Paytm Payout for Automated Payments
Paytm Payout for Automated Payments

Paytm Payouts extension, once enabled in Tookan automatically transfers the payment to agents/merchants at the end of successful completion of an assigned task. The entire details of transactions are reflected in the admin dashboard along with the current amount available in his/her wallet for future transactions. Tookan team will create this wallet for you.

How do Paytm Payouts by Tookan works?

We care for your agents/merchants just like you do!  Tookan gives your agents/ merchants the flexibility to choose how they want to receive payments. While registering they can choose from following three payment reception methods: UPI, Bank account details and Paytm Wallet.

The comprehensive options of Paytm Payouts make it the best fit for your business. For starters, you can receive notifications from Tookan every time your wallet balance goes below a certain amount ( obviously, the amount will be decided by you). With filters, you can view transactions for a specific agent/ time period.

To chop off the repetitive task of adding money again and again to the wallet, we bring to you an “Auto-renewal” option which automatically adds money to your wallet as soon as you hit low balance !

Paytm Payout History
Paytm Payout History

With the Merchant commission option, you can transfer commission to your merchants just in a few clicks. Not just this, you can also automate merchant’s agent pay.

(What is merchant add-on? Here: Merchant Add-On

If you are wondering how Tookan will know what to pay your agents, then check out our Task Pricing & Agent Earning add-on. The amount is calculated as per the formula set in by you.  

How will Paytm and Tookan integration help your business?

  • Saves your time and effort of paying your agents/merchants physically
  • You don’t have to maintain a record of every payment because we will do it for you
  • Transaction records will be available at your fingertip anywhere and anytime
  • Instant timely payment transfer after every successful task which keeps agents/merchants motivated
  • Payout Analytics lets you apply filters and manage your transactions

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with a single click on Tookan.

Get Paytm Payouts for your business now!

If you still have any doubts, we are here to help you. Just let us know. 

Happy Transacting!

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