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Mappr- Location Data Testing With Foreign Government

By Arjun Sharma 18th June 2021

Jungleworks is happy and feels proud to share that our Mappr – Mapping solution has been tested in 40 countries, and out of them, we have already received remarkable results from 20 nations. Among the countries which have shown positive results, Germany, Denmark, UK, and France are included. 

This brings us to the fact that Google Maps API isn’t the only option that remains for those who want to use accurate mapping services for their businesses. Using location data and maps API is crucial for every delivery business, irrespective of the type of deliveries handled by the organization. 

Be it a cross-country delivery arrangement or one that is limited to a small city; navigability is the key. Without a robust navigation structure in place, delivery businesses will be marred with delays in delivering the goods, high operational costs, unsatisfied customers, and so on. 

It all leads to a point where a business is forced to shut down. Ergo, we know that having a delivery system in place is essential. In a world where the big bulls are in it to win it, Mappr is an intelligent Google maps alternative API and will compete with it to bring the benefits of a low-cost and potent navigating system

But is Google Maps the only Option?

In 2018, Google merged its 18 individual mapping solution API services into three core offerings;

  • Maps
  • Routes
  • Places

Each of these has its distinct features and requires a particular setting to work. Delivery businesses have to embed the relevant Maps API into their backend system to use and let their customers use the required service. 

For instance, organizations like DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, Swiggy, etc., all use maps to help the vendors, delivery agents, and customers. While each of these stakeholders has a different purpose, the delivery agents require accurate location data and mapping services to ensure timely delivery and find the best routes.  

This makes Google Maps the key to success. But since 2018, Google has started charging businesses to use these services. And that’s not all, Google implemented a pricing structure that resulted in a cumulative increase of 1400% in terms of costs for using its services. 

Every organization has to adhere to the fee structure, which is set according to the usage. Google holds a monopoly in this domain, and this deters any new entrant from competing with the biggest bulls in the market. As a result, delivery businesses of all kinds and structures end up paying. 

Another peril is that the way data is being controlled by major players may not be a favorable situation in the future.

Mappr is a Healthy and Cost-Effective Google Maps Alternative API

Mappr brings all the benefits you receive with Google Maps API and much more at marginal prices. Where Google offers 28,000 transactions in a month, we provide 1 million transactions at relatively lower costs. 

Mappr has the largest directory of APIs and SDKs, giving you a plethora of mapping services, including customized routes, search, location data tracking, and predictive route analysis. 

We bring one of the most comprehensive navigation systems to your dashboard with the aim to streamline your business operations and make them more efficient. With successful testing completed in over 40 countries, plans are underway to include other countries on the list below. 

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