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One-Stop Solution for all your Business Mapping Needs- Mappr

By Arjun Sharma 20th May 2021

There are a plethora of apps using maps, route optimization, and location tracking. But there is a flurry of map API & SDKs too, to choose from, and it can get confusing for the developer to find the right Distance Matrix API for the business.

If you are looking for a suitable mapping, navigation partner for your app, we suggest you look at Mappr, a Distance Matrix API-powered custom mapping software.

What is Mappr?
Mappr is a one-stop solution for all your delivery needs. It helps businesses calculate travel time and distances across a wide range of scenarios.

How do Mappr’s Distance Matrix API functions?
Mappr uses API to generate time and travel distance for a location matrix. It uses multiple combinations and bases the results on predictive traffic information. It presents modes such as driving, walking, bicycling, and transit (bus or others) modes for any location.

The results are in seconds/minutes for the trip duration and meters for the distance parameter. By default, it presents the fastest routes between the coordinates of the points selected by the user.

Now let your users determine the most viable route seamlessly with the help of Mappr. The API enables it to define the trip’s parameters, such as time, distance, mode of transit, traffic prediction, start time, end time, and more, to present the most feasible and accurate range of routes available.

Here are the features of Distance Matrix API-

  • It can utilize historical data to suggest the best day and time for travel.
  • You can use it to calculate all the probable routes with actual road distance.
  • If you have preferences, you can enter them while looking for the best course for your journey.
  • It ensures the lowest travel time and distance for all your delivery agents.
  • It has support for one agent and Many waypoints.
  • It also has support for travel-time histograms.

Possible use cases
The use cases of the Matrix API powered by Mappr are endless. It can display accurate routes with an approximate time for each of them. It supports multiple agents and waypoints, enabling it to be helpful in the following sectors –

  • Taxi services, such as Ola and Uber
  • Food delivery business, such as Swiggy and Zomato
  • Courier services, such as Delhivery and Blue Dart
  • Logistics and transportation, such as Adani Logistics and Aegis Logistics
  • Other similar business models, such as medicine delivery and e-commerce

Why choose Distance Matrix API?
Here is why you should choose Distance Matrix API for your routing needs –

Access to historical traffic data
The API lets you access historical traffic data, enabling you to determine your travel endeavors’ best time and day.

Optimized for travel
We have optimized the Matrix API to reduce travel time and distance for all your agents.

The API takes into consideration actual road distance for calculating highly accurate routes.

Are you looking for traveling as per your preference? Matrix API lets you input custom parameters for reducing travel time and distance.

Mappr can help you get rid of traffic woes
Mappr, with Matrix API baked into it, can help you optimize your routes and map your potential delivery points. With a wide range of use cases, it has the potential to streamline a range of services to improve your business processes and customer experience.

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