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Leaders Fight Back- Indian IT CEO Takes Initiative To Beat COVID-19 Economy Crisis

By Tannu Sharma 20th March 2020

COVID-19 is a once-in-a-century epidemic that has shattered the world economy with a record level of loss. The hurricane of Coronavirus is nowhere to stop soon. Though in such unwanted saddle atmosphere, our society has showcased its true potential to fight back, still there is so much to do, even now.

When we speak about setting up examples, we look upon our leaders. They become the torch-bearer who helps the people around them to shine and rise, no matter how hard the struggles are!

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” -John Maxwell

Yes, a true leader never complains or shatters. He is the one, who shows the world to adjust and make a comeback, irrespective of any toxic situation. 

People around the globe are trying hard to sustain their livings and shield their businesses to combat the economic loss, caused by Coronavirus. This upheaval of events has crippled the hope and wealth of businesses around the world. 

In between the spirals of unwanted COVID-19 events, people are getting panicked. On top of it, the sudden dollar inflation has churned out every single hope of the businesses. 

The moment when the world is ready to stand together and combat this crisis, some powerful decisions taken by your leaders can bring a big difference. 

One such path-defining decision is taken by Indian IT, CEO- Samar Singla. His recent tweet about offering instant discounts to his global customers on account of dollar inflation has raised the hopes in many businesses. His initiatives have made businesses to reduce their panic and get back into action once again. Here is what he has tweeted recently; 

Coronavirus Epidemic, Shutting down of business operations, dollar inflation and many more! These situations are not in our control. But finding a mutual way to overcome these struggles is on our hands. 

The crisis may appear large but if dealt with proactive vision, it can be controlled at an initial stage. 

How his decision will help?

Showcasing the true meaning of leadership and how a leader should act in such panic conditions, his one decision has helped the businesses to have a fresh beginning. Here are some of the hopes that his decision alone can bring to many businesses:

  1. It will reduce the panic of sudden dollar inflation
  2. It will help the businesses in question, to have a financial relief
  3. It will add a ray of hope to the shattered business dreams

Let the Coronavirus do not infect the Humanity!

The world is shaken with the sad reality of the Coronavirus outbreak. Human lives are at a higher risk. Don’t let humanity be infected with this virus spread. Let the faith over positivity be alive. Don’t wait for the world to bring the change to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic. Bring the change at the individual level and see the difference. If you are inspired by our leader and his brave decision, it is time for you to make a change. Let us know; how you are going to make a contribution to mankind in such worse situations!

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