Kato provides custom analytics dashboard, tailormade for every client’s specific requirements.


  • Pre-built IP as the Base
  • Flexible, Easy to use and Robust
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Data Science Consultation
  • Data Warehousing
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Product
  • Spatial Analytics
Dynamic Pricing


  • Kato lets you pull out analytics from third party business softwares like Intercom, Zoho, Fugu etc. and consolidate all of them into a single dashboard. Kato also provides analytics on third-party business softwares like Intercom, Zoho, Fugu etc. and consolidates them into a single dashboard.
  • Multiple Data Sources, One Dashboard
  • User-based Access Roles
  • Customizable Analytics
  • Data Collation to find Business Insights
  • Integration with other analytics tools

Artificial Intelligence Modules

Kato provides AI modules for the most common challenges faced by businesses.


Understanding the user behavior, we create different segments to distinguish users. Depending upon the same, we send different type of promos that eventually increases conversion.


The delivery time is not only a function of distance and map classification through Google maps but also a function of time of order, number of orders, average driver speed etc. Using our regression model, you can send much better estimates of delivery time to your customers.

Assignment of Providers

We understand that every customer has a preference for certain type of providers. Our powerful algorithm finds the best match based on a variety of factors and considering the past ratings given by customers.

Route Optimisation

Flightmap is the route optimisation engine built by Kato. You can input various parameters and then chalk out the most optimized route depending on the required parameter.

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